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The Martini Theory—How to Decide your Retirement, When and Where!

There are so many choices when it comes to determining where you would like to live for your retirement years.  In the Carolina’s, we host retirement communities in the Mountains, Piedmonts, Coastal.  Then the choice is a home, condo, townhome?  Do you choose to live in a Master Planned Community, a Mainstreet neighborhood?  So many options, so much to choose from?  Well, we have a technique that we find that is very effective in assisting you in the decision process in selecting your retirement timing, area or destination and the actual home itself.  Coming “down the funnel” so to say is the basis of the Martini Theory. This visual aid of a Martini Glass with an olive at the bottom is the picture we want you to understand.  Let’s talk about what’s what in that martini glass, it consists of three major components, Area, Plantation (community) and the home itself.

They say that timing is the key to almost everything.  Well, it is no different when selecting the perfect time of you move into retirement.  It is just not the decision of moving, you also need to cover all the responsibilities of where you are moving from.  Your retirement from your job, finalizing all responsibilities in your “hometown” and preparing the move to the chosen destination.  Timing sets off the process which is known as the Martini Theory.

Once you have determined the timing, the largest part of the process is the bulk of the Martini glass.  Determining the location and area is the key to maximizing all resources you wish to have in the area in terms of medical services, entertainment, religious centers, shopping, transportation resources, lifestyle resources, like colleges and universities.  Another major consideration is local and state taxes. Also, consider the potential for you to have a “second career” if you wish to do so by retiring in a job market rich area.

So once you and your loved one has determined the location and timing, the next step in the process is to determine the Plantation or the community.  Match the community to your lifestyle and activity requirements and the locations to “must have” resources. 

Finally, retirement may mean a “fixed income” so having a budget is crucial. Master Planned Communities offer all the entertainment and resources you may want to have access to and there are hundreds of couples making the same life changing decisions as you, so you will have a lot in common with these residents as well.

The “Olive” at the bottom of the Martini Theory represents the actual real estate.  This is really the easiest part of the process of buying a home for retirement.  This is where we strongly encourage you to look at all the options in living standards.  You may be thinking about a single living structure, ie a lot/home package, but today, townhomes and condomiums are made with similar characteristics of a single family home.  Take a look at all your options during this process. 

Thousands and Thousands of retirees are looking for similar features like open floor plans, split floor plans, Master-suites away from guest rooms.  The kitchens are designed with gourmet appointments.  These elegant features are not just found in the single family home, both townhome and condos are reflecting these great features.

Contact us at Carolina Plantations (910)755-7557, so we may help you with your search for the ideal retirement home and lot, condo or townhome.  We represent many of the communities in Brunswick County.  We certainly understand the Martini Theory and want to help you make the best choice for your retirement living in North Carolina. 

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