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Annual Climate in Southeastern NC

Several reasons top the list for those looking to relocate to the southeastern North Carolina coast and topping the list of reasons to relocate to the area is our climate throughout the year.  Yes, it is true when you hear us tell you to leave your snow shovels up north, that you will not need that winter coat, and snow tires,all these things will be a thing of the past.

The climate information gathered here is from 

Here are some weather facts on the Wilmington and Brunswick County area.

·         The average warmest month is July, average temperature runs at 90 degrees.

·         Precipitation is greatest in September, which is the peak of the hurricane season.

·         The last major hurricane to affect the area was Ophelia, which brought heavy rain and sustained winds of a category 2, and prior to that was Hurricane Floyd, in 1999 with winds at 110 mph. Most of the damage from a storm occurs near the beach as a result of flooding


The NC coastal areas will have specific building codes for wind velocities and are well prepared for the tropical storms.  What we are not prepared for is the snow, as you will hear reports, all bread, water, and milk will be gone!  And you will sit back and laugh because it is usually a “dusting.”

You will never winterize your boat or retire your golf clubs.  Gardening is a 3 season blessing here.   You will be able to get tomatoes and herbs through Thanksgiving.  Again, the southern warmth will extend your growing seasons.

We encourage you to visit the area in the prime of the summer and the winter too.  Our agents are prepared to show you the finest Master Planned Communities and Plantations anytime of the year.  Contact Carolina Plantations Real Estate to learn more about the area anytime of the year, 910-755-7557.


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