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Selecting a Homesite

If you are looking at a Master Planned Community, like St. James Plantation, Ocean Ridge Plantation, River’s Edge Plantation, Brunswick Forest or any other wonderful community in the Carolina’s, you will have the opportunity to select a homesite (lot) to purchase.  Never thought of this?? It is a great way to get into your retirement community earlier and capitalize on selection and pricing.

Purchasing a homesite has so many advantages if you have not considered this alternative for your future retirement home.  Many baby-boomers have considered this, instead of looking at an existing home.  What are the advantages in purchasing a homesite?

  1. Buy now, build later, this gives you the time to explore floor plans and talk to designers, like Planview Design. Speaking to a designer allows you to incorporate your families entire wish list into your retirement home.
  2. Allow you to pay down the expense of the retirement home.  Many use home equity lines at low interest rates to purchase a homesite, and capitalize on the tax deductions.  (Consult with a tax professional for additional details).
  3. Select the exact landscape and front yard/backyard setting, i.e. wooded, waterfront or golf front lots.
  4. Proper orientation to sun, i.e. for the gardener, south facing exposure, east facing in the morning for the morning light and warmth, many choose to put the kitchen on the eastside to capitalize on the morning light and warmth.
  5. Privacy, or special wants, like direct access to walking paths, trails, etc.
  6. Worrying about having to sell your existing home first, then not having a home, or forcing you to purchase an existing home that may not be the exact “dream home” that you have work for all these years.
  7. Gets you into the game!

There are so many reasons why purchasing a homesite in a planned community maybe a better decision for your family.  The best way to do this is to explore the communities’ websites and get familiar with the general architecture designs of the homes with that particular area of the community.  Understand what they are looking for, but do not get caught up on the micro’s of home design and building.  Once you have an idea, go and spend your time walking each lot that best fits your wish list of wants for the type of lifestyle you want to have in your retirement living.  Strongly consider purchasing a homesite to move you into that goal of living that Carolina lifestyle.

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