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Researching Before Retirement Pays Off

We recently shared a story in our July newsletter about Ilda and Bob, a couple who took the time to do some research before their retirement years arrived. As residents of Mansfield, MA, where every winter without fail the snow flies and the cold is extreme they desired to relocate south. It comes as no surprise that they were interested in spending their retirement years some place more temperate.

In December 2010, Bob came across our website and wrote to us inquiring about life in beautiful coastal North Carolina. Naturally, we pointed out all the best features of living here as well as the abundance of beautiful and affordable properties available. We invited him to come for a visit and a few months later, during a miserable Boston winter, he did just that. Apparently he liked what he saw!

Brunswick Plantation

After checking out the many retirement communities in the area Ilda and Bob were most attracted to Brunswick Plantation. While there were many gorgeous homes for sale in Brunswick Plantation, just any home wouldn’t do for them. They wanted something uniquely theirs. They purchased a home site and began making plans to have their dream home built.

In early 2014, now with retirement upon them, Ilda and Bob arrived in North Carolina to meet with builders after deciding that a custom home was what they were most interested in. Because they purchased a custom home site they did not have to use the on-site builder. Instead, they chose Barker & Canady Custom Homes from Wilmington as their builder of choice.

Brunswick Plantation

The couple found a B & C home plan that they really liked and had seen in Brunswick Plantations several times but they wanted to customize it enough to make it their own. The builder incorporated their changes into the plans and built them the home they’d always dreamed of owning.

Two months ago, in May 2015, Ilda and Bob made the final move from Mansfield, MA, to Brunswick Plantation in North Carolina and into their brand new home. They couldn't be happier and us for them!

This is just one example of many where doing a bit of research in the years prior to retiring will make for some smooth sailing when the day finally arrives. Choose a part of the country – the weather is awesome here in coastal North Carolina. Look closer at counties, communities, neighborhoods. Decide what is most important to you in a home, how you like to spend your time, and then use that to narrow in on where your next home should be.

At Carolina Plantations we’re available to help you narrow down your choices. Give us a call at 910-754-SOLD, chat with us online, or stop by and see us at 4660 East Coast Lane on Highway 17 in Shallotte, NC. We look forward to helping you find that perfect home where you can spend your retirement happily!

Brunswick County Sales Increase 25% Over Last Year

As recently reported, the number of single family homes that sold in Brunswick County, North Carolina, jumped more than 25% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same period last year. The majority of these buyers are retirees who want to live near the coast and second home buyers who want to have a vacation home close to the coast. According to a release from the Brunswick County Association of Realtors (BCAR), in the first three months of this year alone, the total for Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen Counties showed a 20.1% increase from 2014 in the number of single family units sold.

“These numbers reinforce the fact that the real estate market in Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen Counties is trending in the right direction,” said Steve Candler, CEO of the BCAR. “Brunswick County has consistently ranked among the fastest growing counties in the state, and we expect this trend to continue.”

At the same time, the Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors reported a 12.6% increase in units sold during the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same period last year, according to Wilmington MLS data. WRAR also reported a 6.87 percent increase in the average sales price over last year. The WRAR statistics cover New Hanover, northern Brunswick and Pender Counties.

As sales and average prices rise in Brunswick County, so do new roofs: so many that the Brunswick County Economic Development Commission is working with the county’s building inspections department to map where new residential construction is occurring. “This, along with the traffic counts that will be undertaken this summer and the up-to-date demographic information we compile, will help us recruit more retail to Brunswick County,” they said.

Single Family Statistics for 1st Quarter in Brunswick County


Brunswick, Columbus & Bladen Counties
Single Family Sales -- Units Sold
1st Quarter 2014: 151
1st Quarter 2015: 181
Change: 20.1%

Single Family Sales -- Average Sales Price
1st Quarter 2014: $202,203
1st Quarter 2015: $234,517
Change: 16.0%

Single Family Sales -- Total Sales Volume
1st Quarter 2014: $92,959,484
1st Quarter 2015: $128,209,186
Change: 37.9%

Brunswick County MLS Only
Single Family Sales -- Listings
1st Quarter 2014: 362
1st Quarter 2015: 394
Change: 8.9%

Single Family Sales -- Units Sold
1st Quarter 2014: 134
1st Quarter 2015: 168
Change: 25.4%

Single Family Sales -- Average Sale Price
1st Quarter 2014: $212,232
1st Quarter 2015: $248,681
Change: 17.2%

Single Family Sales -- Total Sales Volume
1st Quarter 2014: $85,763,277
1st Quarter 2015: $124,937,022
Change: 45.7%

Still Dreaming of Holden Beach Oceanfront Property?

If you’re one of the many people that have always held the dream of living at the beach, it may be closer to reality that you thought. With beach properties more affordable than ever and interest rates low, it’s within the grasp of anyone. We have many beautiful and affordable homes that are sure to take your breath away. If this is a dream you’re ready to step into -- maybe because you’re about to retire or just want a fresh start somewhere new -- we recommend you take a look at the Holden Beach oceanfront property available at this time. As many people have already discovered, you can have your own piece of paradise right here in the USA!


Still Dreaming of Holden Beach Oceanfront Property?


Whether you’re single and looking for your first home, about to retire, or you’re starting a family, any of the beachfront properties we have available would make an ideal new home for you. The health and lifestyle benefits that come with living in an oceanfront home are superior to living anywhere else, especially if you’re a water lover.

Here you will experience endless fishing opportunities, all day and every day. The choice is yours whether to take a charter out into the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, do some surf fishing from shore, or rent a boat and hit the inlets and ICW. But when you live here, you can do them all! Have you ever been crabbing or out catching shrimp? It’s a common pastime in this area and something definitely to be experienced.


Holden Beach Oceanfront Property for your family


Holden Beach is a family-friendly beach community that is both low key and laid back. Everything you need to get by can be found here on the Brunswick Islands and there are plenty of local events taking place throughout the summer -- most of them free! If you’re a golfer, you’ll enjoy the 10 courses in close proximity as well as many more just a short drive away in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Take the time to look at the homes for sale in Holden Beach on our Carolina Plantations website. Maybe you will discover you’re ready to make your dream become a reality too!



What Determines What Your Home is Worth

As leading Realtors in Brunswick County, NC, homeowners often ask us if, when, and how they can get the value of their home to go up. There are many factors that come into play when assessing the value of your home – some within your control and some not. At Carolina Plantations you can count on us to assess your home's worth realistically and fairly and at a price that will appeal to buyers.


What Determines What Your Home is Worth

1. Location
When it comes to determining the value of your home, the neighborhood it is in plays a big role. The price that other homes sold for in your neighborhood, that are the same size as yours, will contribute to determining your listing price.


2. Size
It’s not just your property taxes that are affected by how many bedrooms your home has; it’s the accessed value as well. Square footage is equally important.


What Determines What Your Home is Worth


3. Extras
That swimming pool you had installed a few years back will increase the value of your home and when you decide to sell your home, that’s money in your pocket. Other extras that will increase your home’s worth are features such as a garage, Carolina Room, and a new roof or heat pump.

4. Renovations
Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important features that homebuyers look at. Renovate these rooms and you will not only sell your home faster, you’ll add value to your home’s worth at the same time.

In Brunswick County, the single most important factor that will raise home values here or anywhere, is demand. This time of year as we’re entering spring, more and more homes will come onto the market in Brunswick County while the number of those searching for a new home increases as well. As seasoned Realtors, we anticipate demand to steadily increase throughout the year. Give us a call if you’d like us to help you sell or purchase a home.

Downsize Your Way to Retirement

When retirement is on your radar it’s time to start thinking about where you live vs. where you’d like to live. With no roots tying you down to a job location after retirement you’re free to live just about anywhere that you choose. Considering a new home should include considering your new lifestyle once you retire. You won’t want to stop working only to spend unnecessary hours working on living in a house that may now be too big for your family or in the wrong location. Why not consider the Leland condos and townhomes we have available in Leland, North Carolina.

Downsize Your Way to Retirement

Retirement is the time to do what makes you happy. It’s your opportunity to move to that coastal location if that’s where your heart is. Just be sure you don’t exchange one high maintenance property for another. Remember, retirement is about more fun and less work.

Downsizing to a smaller maintenance-free home like a condo or townhome can save you money while freeing up time to enjoy your retirement years. Just outside of Wilmington, NC, you’ll find a nice assortment of Leland condos and townhomes for sale that are along the Brunswick River and very affordable.

Downsize Your Way to Retirement

Part of the downsizing effort is sorting through years of accumulated things you have held onto. Start this process sooner rather than later and you’ll have less work to do. This is a good time to pass on family heirlooms and other keepsakes to your adult children for their safekeeping. It’s a time to purge all the unnecessary things out of your life. It’s a refreshing feeling!

Things in good condition that you don’t want to keep can either be sold or be donated to the charity of your choice. You can deduct these donations from your taxes so be sure to get a receipt. Any remaining items can be offered for free on Craig’s List, Freecycle or your local newspapers. Try to keep your items out of the landfills and pass them forward to people who can use them. Local antique or consignment shops may also be a viable alternative to selling things your self.

Take a look at the Leland condos and townhomes we have available on our website. When you’re ready to look at property up close or if you have any questions about the area or what we have available, give Carolina Plantations a call at 910-755-7557. We’d be happy to talk with you about your next home.

5 Real Estate Predictions for 2015

Americans can expect the homebuyers market to strengthen right along with the economy in 2015, according to Freddie Mac's U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook written in November 2014. This is excellent news for anyone hoping to purchase real estate in or relocate to Brunswick County, North Carolina.

"The good news for 2015 is that the U.S. economy appears well-poised to sustain about a 3 percent growth rate in 2015 — only the second year in the past decade with growth at that pace or better," says Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac's chief economist. "Governmental fiscal drag has turned into fiscal stimulus; lower energy costs support consumer spending and business investment; further easing of credit conditions for business and real estate lending support commerce and development; and consumers are more upbeat and businesses are more confident, all of which portend faster economic growth in 2015. And with that, the economy will produce more and better-paying jobs, providing the financial wherewithal to support household formations and housing activity."

5 Real Estate Predictions for 2015

Freddie Mac economists have made the following projections in housing for the new year:

1. Mortgage rates: Interest rates will likely be on the rise next year. In recent weeks, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has dipped below 4 percent. But by next year, Freddie projects mortgage rates to average 4.6 percent and inch up to 5 percent by the end of the year.

2. Home prices: By the time 2014 wraps up, home appreciation will likely have slowed to 4.5 percent this year from 9.3 percent last year. Appreciation is expected to drop further to an average 3 percent in 2015. "Continued house-price appreciation and rising mortgage rates will dampen affordability for home buyers," according to Freddie economists. "Historically speaking, that's moving from 'very high' levels of affordability to 'high' levels of affordability."

5 Real Estate Predictions for 2015

3. Housing starts: Homebuilding is expected to ramp up in the new year, projected to rise by 20 percent from this year. That will likely help total home sales to climb by about 5 percent, reaching the best sales pace in eight years.

4. Single-family originations: Mortgage originations of single-family homes will likely slip by an additional 8 percent, which can be attributed to a steep drop in refinancing volume. Refinancings are expected to make up only 23 percent of originations in 2015; they had been making up more than half in recent years.

5 Real Estate Predictions for 2015

5. Multi-family mortgage originations: Mortgage originations for the multi-family sector have surged about 60 percent between 2011 and 2014. Increases are expected to continue in 2015, projected to rise about 14 percent.

Source: Daily Real Estate News

Starting the New Year with Brunswick County Property Investments

Every year lots of people make resolutions to do things better in the New Year but how many really follow through? Check in with them a month, three months or six months later and how many have stuck with it? Make a resolution to purchase Brunswick County property investments and it’s a resolution that will make you money and have you sticking to it!

Starting the New Year with Brunswick County Property Investments

We have NC foreclosure and short sale properties available that are ideal for making a real estate investment that can potentially generate a second income for you. Foreclosures and short sales are a fabulous way to get into real estate on the ground level without having to invest a lot of money. These foreclosure and short sale properties are priced at below their appraised value and can be bought at an unbelievable price. If you haven’t looked into investing in real estate yet, now is your opportunity and the timing couldn’t be better!

A new year offers the perfect opportunity to do things differently than in the past. Why not research purchasing property here in Brunswick County North Carolina? Take a closer look on our website to see what is available. Call Carolina Plantations at 910-755-7557 to set up an appointment to go out and look at some properties, listen to what we have to say about them, and then make your decision on whether or not you want to make a secure investment in real estate. Honestly, you can’t go wrong on purchasing any coastal Brunswick County real estate. This is such a gorgeous area and not just to vacation but also to live, a place many that live here call their own little piece of paradise.

Starting the New Year with Brunswick County Property Investments

At this time we have 42 short sale/foreclosure properties that are ideal for investment purposes or even as a new primary or secondary residence for your own family. When you purchase a foreclosure or short sale property you get the benefit of having built in equity. These homes are selling at much lower prices than other properties. With homebuyers and investors looking for good deals on real estate in general, foreclosures are still popular choices in today’s real estate market.


How to Give of Yourself this Holiday Season

When it comes to Christmas it’s an excellent time to give to others. The age old adage that it’s better to give than to receive never made sense to us as children but now, as adults, we have quite a different perspective on it. We’ve learned that it feels good to give, especially when we can make a difference. There are as many ways to give as there are people and places to give to. Whether you're walking dogs at the Humane Society, donating blood at the Red Cross, or visiting patients at a hospital or nursing home, it really does make a difference when you reach outside of yourself to give to another.

How to Give of Yourself this Holiday Season 


Volunteering Your Time

There are many places that would thrilled to have you volunteer your time whether it’s right now during the holiday season, or at any other time during the year. Following are some places looking for volunteers to give of their time this holiday season. 

Brunswick County Literacy Council - The council helps students with reading, writing, math, computers and English-speaking skills, in either a one-on-one or small class confidential setting, by pairing them with volunteers who are carefully trained and matched with each student. 

Cape Fear River Watch - Volunteers are needed to assist with many programs, including outdoor education and recreation, clean-ups, outreach, wetlands restoration, fundraising and administrative tasks. 

Brunswick Family Assistance Agency - This agency needs volunteers to help in their pantry, at the front desk, in the Family Thrift store, during fund-raisers and with quarterly commodities distributions. Volunteers are also needed to assist with distribution of the Christmas in July and Christmas Tree of Hope programs yearly. 

Coastal Horizons Center - Volunteers are always needed to respond to New Hanover County and Brunswick County hospital emergency departments to assist rape victims and their families, to mentor youth staying at the emergency shelter and to assist with answering Crisis Line and First Call for Help Hotlines. A 48-hour training program is provided. 


How to Give of Yourself this Holiday Season


Salvation Army - Volunteers may serve on the Advisory Board and Ladies Auxiliary and in the shelter, which serves men, women and children. Volunteers are needed to work at the thrift store, in the soup kitchen, the Woodlot Project, Christmas fundraisers, the toy and food distribution center, the annual Coats for the Coatless drive and on disaster relief teams. 

Elderhaus, Inc. - Volunteers are needed as program aides, activity assistants and meal servers. Volunteer board members oversee fund-raising, public relations, educational activities and more.

Hope Harbor Home - Volunteers are needed at this domestic violence shelter to work on the speakers bureau and in the office, provide childcare, help organize and implement fundraising activities, assist clients in preparing paperwork and provide moral support during court proceedings. Volunteers are needed as well for transportation and to help distribute and sort donated clothing at the Hope Chest Thrift Stores in Holden Beach, Leland, Bolivia and Oak Island.


How to Give of Yourself this Holiday Season


Other Volunteer Opportunities

Following are some other websites offering additional volunteer opportunities:

United Way of the Cape Fear Area
Arboretum Center, Bldg. II, 5919 Oleander Dr.
Ste. 115
Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 798-3900

The Volunteer Center
Brunswick County Government Center
25 Referendum Dr.
Bolivia, NC 28422
(910) 253-2574

All of us at Carolina Plantations would like to wish you and your family a very happy and safe holiday season!


Things to Know About Gated vs. Non-Gated Communities

Have you ever wondered why some communities are gated and others are not? Sure, safety is an important reason but let’s face it – we don’t live in a high crime area. The original reason for gated communities was so that visitors and homebuyers alike stop and meet the sales team as they drive in.

Imagine driving through a brand new or relatively new community that has no gates. If you drove though quickly and didn’t get a warm welcome, you’d drive through and drive right on out, right? The sales team wants to speak with visitors to point out all the benefits and amenities that you don’t stand a chance of seeing from inside your car as you drive past the beautiful homes.

Things to Know About Gated vs. Non-Gated Communities - Sandpiper Bay


While some communities are gated and some have guard stations, not all guard stations have a guard in them. If you drive down Georgetown Road in the Sunset Beach and Calabash areas, you will find just that -- guardhouses but no guards. While developers install guardhouses to help sell the most properties, once they leave the community and their portion of paying for the guard disappears the residents have to agree on a future strategy. The residents of Sandpiper Bay and Sea Trail didn’t want to pay for a guard who did nothing more than wave everyone through. Thus there is an unmanned guardhouse.

Choices are either no guard, guard or what is becoming popular is the option of electronically controlled gates that are open during the day and close around 6 p.m. Winding River, Ocean Ridge Plantation, Crow Creek, RiverSea Plantation and Lockwood Folly are some of those communities who have adopted this philosophy/policy. Residents are assigned a keycard to activate the gate when they need entry.

Things to Know About Gated vs. Non-Gated Communities - Ocean Ridge

To employ one guard 24/7 for 52 weeks a year and absorb the costs of a guardhouse, it would cost upwards of $100,000 per year. With crime in Brunswick County being much less than where most people are coming from, communities filled with retirees that are generally home quite a bit and keep an eye on their neighbors places, are finding that guards really are an unnecessary luxury.

So, when searching for your perfect location where you can retire in comfort, do some research on the gate situation so that you better understand who is paying for the cost of such a feature and whether or not you feel it's important to you.

Waterford of the Carolinas

 The first large scale golf community developed in Leland, North Carolina, was Magnolia Greens. Back in the mid-1990s, Bobby Harrelson and Bert Exum had the foresight necessary to believe that Leland would one day become the thriving bedroom community to Wilmington and a popular destination for retirees that it is today.

Next door to Magnolia Greens, Waterford of the Carolinas, the second large scale community in Leland was built. Waterford is unique due to the canals that back up to the majority of single family homes and townhomes found there. Any Realtor will tell you that when you are in the land development business, the most popular back yard view is that of water. 

Waterford of the Carolinas

The canal sites were very popular and Waterford took off in 2004. The community had been 80% sold out when the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008 and the only undeveloped property available was in the custom home section of Waterford. DR Horton Homes came to an agreement with the developers on a portion of the sites remaining and America’s #1 builder completed over a dozen homes in Waterford, with several being model homes.

The beautiful Waterford community provides residents with lifestyle amenities such as tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, large outdoor pool, resident’s clubhouse, and fitness center. Sidewalks like the neighborhood to encourage walking and running. Close by is a thriving retail/commercial center with Harris Teeter Grocery Store, Eddie Romanelli’s Restaurant, Rite Aid, Smithfield’s Chicken & BBQ, Port City Java, commercial offices and more.

When you’re ready for a closer look, call Carolina Plantations to arrange a tour of Waterford of the Carolinas. We can be reached at 910-754-SOLD.

Featured Neighborhood: Meadowlands

Just over the South Carolina border, tucked away in Calabash, NC, is the quiet golf community of Meadowlands. Single family homes are outlined by manicured greens and spacious fairways designed by Architect Willard Byrd. Many fairways are park-style with trees lining the fairways and there are a fair number of holes located along open meadows. Numerous freshwater lakes are positioned around the course, offering challenges to your best game as well as awesome views from homes along the course.

Featured Neighborhood: MeadowlandsThe spacious homes in Meadowlands offer single floor living with wide open floor plans, three bedrooms and are situated on large lots. Homes have magnificent views of ponds and fairways. Many of these homes feature details like screened in porches, Carolina rooms, fireplace, walk-in closets, luxurious master suites and so much more you just have to see for yourself!

Residents of Meadowlands enjoy amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, golf, clubhouse, a restaurant, fitness facility and social activities including aerobics, yoga, Mahjong, card games and more. Living here you’ll also be conveniently located close to many fine Calabash restaurants, other area golf courses and the beaches and Atlantic Ocean at Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach. are sure to appreciate the reasonable fees charged for a championship experience at Meadowlands. Listed as a “mid-tier” course among the Grand Strand courses, you can expect a high-value experience. With a hearty dose of Southern hospitality included, Meadowlands is truly a “hidden gem” along the coast.

NC Magazine has ranked Meadowlands as one of the state’s top 10 new courses. Golf Digest readers time and time again give it 3.5 stars, recommending it as a good bet to build a golf vacation around — especially when teamed with its sister course, Farmstead Golf Links that is less than a mile away. And as it is with most things, anything that makes a good vacation makes an even greater place to live!

If you'd like to look at any property in particular please give us a call at 910-755-7557. We'd be happy to show you around this beautiful neighborhood.



Kindred Spirit Aired on CBS Evening News

The Kindred Spirit mailbox has been collecting thousands of messages from inspired writers and others visiting the uninhabited Bird Island of North Carolina for over 35 years. Just a half-hour walk west of Sunset Beach is where many people come to share their innermost thoughts in writing.

Earlier this summer, Frank Nesmith, a Sunset Beach resident, was interviewed by CBS News national correspondent Chip Reid during the filming about Bird Island and the Kindred Spirit mailbox. Along with an old girlfriend, Nesmith was instrumental in launching the mailbox overlooking the ocean 37 years ago.

Kindred Spirit Aired on CBS Evening News

In April, a CBS News team came to town to film the segment that included interviews with 87-year-old Nesmith and local author Jacqueline “Jack” DeGroot, who has published several fictitious books about the site, including “The Secret of the Kindred Spirit.”

The news team was in the area for two days to do the filming which included visiting DeGroot at her home in Sea Trail. They also visited the UNCW library in Wilmington where dozens of Kindred Spirit notebooks collected over the years have been retained in a special collection.

On the afternoon of April 10, town employees drove the team and Nesmith down to Bird Island in town vehicles where vehicular traffic normally isn’t allowed. Kim Skeen, producer with CBS News’ Washington bureau, had made prior arrangements for the trip.

“She called one day and said, ‘This is CBS,’” town administrator Susan Parker said as she and town public works director Dustin Graham waited out the filming on Bird Island.

As part of the filming at the Kindred Spirit mailbox, DeGroot and fellow Sea Trail resident Sandy Payne wore matching pink as they rode their bicycles to the island. “We’re supposed to ride down and trade out notebooks,” said DeGroot, a mailbox helper for Nesmith.

“I didn’t know they were going to put this on the evening news,” said Nesmith, wearing jeans, sneakers and a straw hat as the film crew followed him down the beach for his interview on the Kindred Spirit bench with CBS News national correspondent Chip Reid.

Television viewers nationwide were given the opportunity to be inspired when the "CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley" featured the segment about the Kindred Spirit and Sunset Beach resident Frank Nesmith. During the broadcast, Reid told the story of how many decades ago Nesmith and a former girlfriend installed the mailbox and placed a notebook inside for Bird Island visitors to write in.

Reid’s report tells the story of how the mystery of the mailbox and who put it there had long remained a secret until Nesmith came forward. It describes how people come to the Kindred Spirit to record their innermost thoughts — most of them about family, love and hope — in the notebooks that are being preserved for posterity.

Nesmith and DeGroot read excerpts from two of the thousands of messages left in Kindred Spirit notebooks over the years. It was a fitting wrap up to a wonderful story our local residents were very proud to have shared nationwide.


Upscale Amenities at Ocean Ridge Plantation

When you want to live somewhere coastal that provides you with a vast assortment of upscale amenities consider Ocean Ridge Plantation in coastal North Carolina. Here you’ll have access to a private residence center, The Plantation Club, whose features can’t be topped.

Upscale Amenities at Ocean Ridge PlantationThe club offers a wet and a dry sauna, large indoor swimming pool, a fitness room containing state-of-the-art equipment, members lounge with game tables and kitchen, events room, and a library. Outdoors you have use of lighted tennis courts, an outdoor pool, whirlpool and children’s pool, fishing pier and lake and a grilling area for cookouts and picnics.

?The Ocean Ridge Plantation real estate is an assortment of stunning custom homes and spacious building lots. The upscale neighborhoods offer a diversity of architecture and are surrounded by manicured fairways, beautiful landscaping and tree lined streets. Our available inventory at this time have a nice selection of 3 and 4 bedroom homes, sure to meet the needs of your family.

Ocean Ridge Plantation real estateNeighborhoods in Ocean Ridge are governed by an architectural committee and protective covenants to preserve continuity and home value. The guidelines that are in place mandate minimum square foot requirements for each neighborhood beginning at 1,600. The estate neighborhoods reach upwards to 2,800 square feet.

Any gardener will feel completely at home living in Ocean Ridge. The Plantation Gardens provides you with a gardening club that maintains the Perennial Garden. There is a Community Garden where vegetables garden plots are planted and maintained by the gardening club and residents. There are also Private Plots available to residents on a first come, first served basis for growing whatever favorite flowers or vegetables they choose to grow.

Located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, we think you’ll like Ocean Ridge Plantation from the first moment you set foot on the property. Allow our professionals at Carolina Plantations to take you there and introduce you to what may be your next home.


Summers in St. James Plantation

Residents of St. James Plantation would tell you that there’s no better place to spend your summer than right here in Southport. Whether you’re vacationing in the area or you’ve retired and purchased your very own piece of St. James Plantation real estate, this is the place to be. This is a place where you’ll feel a sense of community among the residents, a place where you can connect with your neighbors and feel a part of rather than apart from.

Southport Waterfront MarketOn Wednesday mornings from 8 a.m. to 1p.m. the Southport Waterfront Market is held on the Fort Johnston Garrison Lawn overlooking the Cape Fear River. The market is held through September 24. Come shop the local produce, baked goods and handcrafted items and enjoy some local music.

The weekly Farmers Market is held from 3:30 to 6 p.m. every Thursday in Woodlands Park. It’s definitely a place to visit and purchase local fruits, vegetables, baked goods and much more. The market will be open through September 18. Vendors present will be Eden Farms, Creative Market, My Porch Dawg, Jumpin’ Jack/Melon Man, La Gemma, Island Coffee, and TarHeel Beef.

Free Concert in the ParkOn Sunday, July 20 there will be a Free Concert in the Park when The Imitations perform in Woodlands Park from 6-8:30 p.m. Bring your drink coolers, chairs and your dancing shoes and get ready to party on! This free event is family-friendly and open to the public. There will be two food trucks on site so plan on coming hungry and buy your dinner there!

A Gallery Walk take place the 1st Friday of every month from 5-7 p.m. On August 1 galleries participating will be Anastasio’s Glass Studio, Lantana’s Gallery, Darrel Edwards Gallery, Ricky Evans Gallery, Howe Outrageous Art Gallery, Franklin Square Gallery and the Silver Coast Winery. Join family and friends for a lovely evening out enjoying arts and sampling wines.

If you’re like to look at real estate in the St. James Plantation take a look at what we have to show you on our website. When you want to see some properties up close, just give us a call at Carolina Plantations. We can be reached at 910-755-7557. We’d love to meet with you and show you around.

Affordable Island and Mainland Living in Sunset Beach NC

When you’re looking for affordable homes in the Southern Brunswick Islands area be sure to check out what we have to show you. With many homes starting in the $70k range it won’t be too hard to find affordable living in Sunset Beach North Carolina whether on the island or the mainland. The Sunset Beach NC homes for sale even at the low end of the price ranges includes three and four bedroom homes.

Sunset Beach NC homes for saleFrom condos to single family homes and manufactured homes among our Sunset Beach NC homes for sale there are plenty to choose from like this single story home on .39 acres along Sunset Lakes Blvd. This three bedroom, two bath home boasts a spacious 1,501 sq ft of living space. Amenities include a fireplace, many built-ins, utility room off the kitchen, ceiling fans, and outdoor storage shed. If you want to be near the beautiful south Brunswick Island beaches, shopping or you are a golf enthusiast this will be an ideal property for you.

If you’re interested in maintenance-free living that only a condo can provide, this adorable single bedroom condo may be just what will meet your needs. Located on the third floor it comes with a view of a wooded area and a slight peek of the waterway and ocean. Community amenities include an indoor pool, exercise facility, and outdoor pool. Living here you’ll be 2 minutes from the Sunset Beach Bridge, 5 minutes from Calabash and just a half hour from Myrtle Beach.

Give us a call at Carolina Plantations (910-755-7557) if you’re interested in these properties or any others. We’d be happy to show you around.

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