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The Martini Theory—How to Decide your Retirement, When and Where!

There are so many choices when it comes to determining where you would like to live for your retirement years.  In the Carolina’s, we host retirement communities in the Mountains, Piedmonts, Coastal.  Then the choice is a home, condo, townhome?  Do you choose to live in a Master Planned Community, a Mainstreet neighborhood?  So many options, so much to choose from?  Well, we have a technique that we find that is very effective in assisting you in the decision process in selecting your retirement timing, area or destination and the actual home itself.  Coming “down the funnel” so to say is the basis of the Martini Theory. This visual aid of a Martini Glass with an olive at the bottom is the picture we want you to understand.  Let’s talk about what’s what in that martini glass, it consists of three major components, Area, Plantation (community) and the home itself.

They say that timing is the key to almost everything.  Well, it is no different when selecting the perfect time of you move into retirement.  It is just not the decision of moving, you also need to cover all the responsibilities of where you are moving from.  Your retirement from your job, finalizing all responsibilities in your “hometown” and preparing the move to the chosen destination.  Timing sets off the process which is known as the Martini Theory.

Once you have determined the timing, the largest part of the process is the bulk of the Martini glass.  Determining the location and area is the key to maximizing all resources you wish to have in the area in terms of medical services, entertainment, religious centers, shopping, transportation resources, lifestyle resources, like colleges and universities.  Another major consideration is local and state taxes. Also, consider the potential for you to have a “second career” if you wish to do so by retiring in a job market rich area.

So once you and your loved one has determined the location and timing, the next step in the process is to determine the Plantation or the community.  Match the community to your lifestyle and activity requirements and the locations to “must have” resources. 

Finally, retirement may mean a “fixed income” so having a budget is crucial. Master Planned Communities offer all the entertainment and resources you may want to have access to and there are hundreds of couples making the same life changing decisions as you, so you will have a lot in common with these residents as well.

The “Olive” at the bottom of the Martini Theory represents the actual real estate.  This is really the easiest part of the process of buying a home for retirement.  This is where we strongly encourage you to look at all the options in living standards.  You may be thinking about a single living structure, ie a lot/home package, but today, townhomes and condomiums are made with similar characteristics of a single family home.  Take a look at all your options during this process. 

Thousands and Thousands of retirees are looking for similar features like open floor plans, split floor plans, Master-suites away from guest rooms.  The kitchens are designed with gourmet appointments.  These elegant features are not just found in the single family home, both townhome and condos are reflecting these great features.

Contact us at Carolina Plantations (910)755-7557, so we may help you with your search for the ideal retirement home and lot, condo or townhome.  We represent many of the communities in Brunswick County.  We certainly understand the Martini Theory and want to help you make the best choice for your retirement living in North Carolina. 

The Cottages at Crow Creek

The Villages at Crow Creek host a highly designed cottage lifestyle.  These Single family living style cottages offer the benefits of a single family home without the maintenance.  Located in Calabash, NC, Crow Creek is an ideal destination for retirees searching for their Master Planned Community or Plantation in Brunswick County.

Crow Creek hosts 500 acres that was a local families land for generations.  The property hosts one of the best golf courses in the grand strand area. The course is laid out so the land is a feature of the manicured Bermuda grass fairways, and L93 bent grass to add the lush green course.  A must play golf course in Brunswick County!

One of the favorite picks in living at Crow Creek are the Cottages.  The community and builder offers four different floor plans to choose from including the Dogwood, the Waverly, the Azalea and the Tanglewood floor plan.

The Cottages at Crow Creek can offer up to 4 bedrooms with a 2-car garage that offers all the space for living and storage alike.  Broad-sweeping porches both off the front of the home and as well off the Owners suite, which in most cases are screened in so you can enjoy year round use.  Other great benefits include an open floor plan and separation from the other rooms, so your guests will not feel as if they are intruding into your lavish Carolina lifestyle at Crow Creek.

Crow Creek community benefits include, sidewalks which meander throughout the community, a zero entry pool with Jacuzzi spa.  If activities like tennis, and cardio is part of your regimen, then the amenity center will not disappoint your wishes.  The center hosts game rooms, meeting rooms and lounges with big screen TV’s and internet access.

The Bluff Townhomes at River’s Edge Golf Club and Plantation

In the past, we have written about townhomes at River’s Edge Golf Club and Plantation.  We would like to discuss the specific models that line the final approach on the award-winning Arnold Palmer Designer golf course.  Nestled high on a 30 foot natural bluff, these village of townhomes offer the best in quality and design in townhome living in Brunswick County.

The Bluffs at River’s Edge Golf Club and Plantation are multi-leveled homes that have extraordinary views of the Shallotte River, the golf course and even nature preserves.  The homes can host up to 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  Some of the homes have inverted floor plans, meaning that the main entertaining area is on the top floor.  Cook and entertain your guests while keeping the French-doors open for the breezes that come up the Shallotte River from the Atlantic Ocean.  The kitchens are loaded with the top of the line appliances and cooking amenities of a professional kitchen.  Granite and stainless steel reflects the quality of these semi-custom homes.

The lower level gives you the option of either guest suite set up, with its own full bathroom. Another option may use the lower level as a “lock-out suite” as well.  Several of the luxury homes have made the lower level a complete entertainment area or theater.  Including in the lower level are fully finished one-car garage and storage area.

You have the choice of taking the stairs, or simply jump into the elevator that will take you to all levels, including the fourth story  loft which are options on a few of the homes. The guest room have their own bathrooms and spacious closet space.  Providing the feel of being in a high-end resort getaway.

Master bed rooms are spacious and have the grandest of views.  The sounds of Heron’s will awake you in the mornings, breezes and the smell of the ocean are as present as your fresh coffee brewing.

If you are interested in a waterfront and golf lifestyle, we strongly encourage you to contact Carolina Plantations at 910-755-7557to preview the Bluff Townhomes at River’s Edge Golf Club and Plantation.  

Residential Construction Codes in High Wind Zones, Brunswick County Homes

So many folks come to the area to discover the Master Planned Communities and Plantations in Brunswick County.  One the of the most important things that we can help with is giving you a general understanding of how North Carolina Residential Construction Codes go above and beyond to ensure that you home on the coast is “more than tolerant” to the visiting winds that sometimes blesses our coast.
The agents at Carolina Plantations, especially if it is new home construction, like to point out what the area builders do to meet and exceed the North Carolina Residential Construction Codes.  We do point out the obvious as well as additional features by some of the select builders in the Master Planned Communities and Plantations.  We are not licensed contractors, but do appreciate building and design excellence in new homes. 
Here are the major topics in North Carolina Residential Construction Codes to be aware of while looking at homes in our area.  We try our best to point out a few, but the builders we work with in the area are the experts, so we let them get into the details, including:
1. Design Pressure for Doors and Windows and Garage Doors.
2. Foundation Wall Footings, Pier Footings for elevated homes.
3. Wall and Foundation Anchorage.
4. Wall Construction and Exterior Load Barring Walls
5. Structural Bracing
6. Masonry Wall Construction.
7. Roof Tie Down.
8. Framing
9. Roof Lines and Roof Sheathing.
We also encourage you to do your research or visit Here.
The agents at Carolina Plantations are here to guide you to the best Master Planned Communities and Plantations in Brunswick County.  We have access to the area’s best builders and want you to meet them as we work on designing your future retirement home.  Please call us at 910-755-7557 so we can tour the area’s best built homes. 

Marina Living at Bald Head Island

Having over 10,000 acres of untouched beaches, over 12,000 of pristine land to roam and live, these unique real estate opportunities at Bald Head Island offer an array of lifestyles as well as living situations.

Whether you want a second home, or this is your retirement destination, Bald Head Island is the cream of the crop in Brunswick County.  Homes that are designed with coastal architecture are nestled in maritime forests, subtropical haven of palms, and an open site that has unspoiled waterviews.

One of the popular choices for folks is marina living.  The marina at Bald Head Island not only hosts a protective basin with deep water slips, but an array of amenities that are only steps away from the homes that surround this picturesque setting.  The Harbour Villages at Bald Head Island will host the white picket fence, smaller less maintenance style of living.  Homesites maybe small, but the views and the homes are grand! 

Access around the basin can be by foot, bike or golf cart.  The island does not host automobiles.  Wake up, stretch, and walk out your door to Shopping, dining, and access to your boat.  This is the absolute pinnacle of marina living.  An added bonus is having direct beach access on the north side of the village.

The Homes are influenced with coastal touches, including an undertone of Carribbean influences, like oversized plantation shutters, open breezeways and broad sweeping porches. Most of the homes here will have a view of the marina, marsh, and even the Atlantic Ocean.  This is Carolina living at its finest. 

Whether you are seeking an existing home or a homesite to build your ideal coastal nest, we have access to Bald Head Island’s most premier real estate opportunities.  We will show you how to make the passage from Southport to Bald Head Island.  We invite you to Contact Carolina Plantations (910)755-7557.

Lifestyles of the Lanai—Brunswick Forest Real Estate

One thing that many, if not all of the retirees discover about retiring in the Carolina’s is that lifestyle is a major contributor of How you will live. You are probably wondering what this means?  Retiring in the south gives you and your family many reasons to brag to your friends up north, but one of the main reasons Brunswick County is a top destination for retirement is the climate.   

You will discover as you explore real estate in Brunswick County, including the master planned community of Brunswick Forest that much of the outdoors and this favorable climate is brought into the design and function of the homes.  One popular feature of these southern architecturally influenced homes in the Lanai.  Many of the homes you will see in the popular community of Brunswick Forest will have the Lanai addition on the rear of the home as a focal point of the home design which will allow for this improved year round lifestyle of entertaining, dining and just relaxing.

The Lanai is best describe as an enclosed back porch area that will host open space, with the focal point being a gourmet kitchen.  This kitchen is everyone’s favorite feature, consisting of a mini refrigerator, sink, and stove top burners, grill and professional grade hood for ventilation.  The Lanai in these homes at Brunswick Forest are every weekend chef’s dream.  

The enclosed area can be utilized as mentioned year round.  The screens which run the entire height of the floor to the ceiling of this rear enclosed area have removable plexi-glass so you can use the kitchen and entertainment space in the winter (about 3-4 weeks is about the time that it may be too cold).  Many families add flat screen TV’s, sound systems and even hide-away bedding, so their guests can live the lifestyle for just the visit.  When you incorporate the Lanai in the homes at Brunswick Forest, you may hardly ever use the main kitchen in the home again!

There are several villages within Brunswick Forest that have the Lanai’s as standard features in the design of the homes.  These homes will have undertones of Floridian design as well as coastal cottages, so this feature naturally fits the design of these homes.  As far as customizing this mini kitchen, well, that is a function of your goals and budget.  

To learn more about the homes that feature homes with Lanai’s at Brunswick Forest, contact Carolina Plantation’s, the top selling real estate office in Brunswick Forest at (910)755-7557.

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Know Who and What Your Agent Represents

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission mandates that ALL licensed brokers disclose their “agency.”  What does this mean?  Each firm, including Carolina Plantations and all of its associates or “brokers” must disclose to you who they represent.  This is simply an interpretation of “keeping the best interests in mind” of the customer who has committed themselves to your firm and its goals that are specific for that client per the obligations.

Types of Agencies

  • Buyers Agent: Representation and the commitment to the “buyers” best interests are to be top priority.  “Duties to the Buyer” include loyalty, commitment, provide all material facts and use reasonable care and diligence for the decision process. 
  • Sellers Agent:  if you are selling you home, you will want to ensure that your agent has the same commitment to your goals, to sell your home, to provide the exceptional service and provide the most accurate information about your property. They must promote your best interests.
  • Dual Agent:  Meaning that the agent will do it best to represent both parties, acknowledge and disclose all information to both parties, so loyalty is to both the buyer and the seller.  This could be a situation where the firm holds the listing, and another agent in the firm represents you.  This still can work for both the seller and the buyer alike.

Real Estate AgentAll licensed brokers MUST disclose their agency relations prior to collecting information about your goals that may affect the condition of the purchase or the listing of the property.  It is imperative that you understand the commitment of your agent prior to exploring Brunswick County and all of its great real estate opportunities.

We at Carolina Plantations host both “buyers agents” and “sellers agents” in the transactions.  Many of you all looking to explore the many Master Planned Communities and Plantations will be teamed up with our expert buyers agents.  Please contact us at 910-755-7557 to learn more about buying and selling real estate in Brunswick County.

We invite you to preview the North Carolina Real Estate Commissions, ‘Working with Agents” Document.

Home Owners Association Benefits

Retiring in the Carolina’s has so many advantages that will add to your retirement lifestyle.  There is a common advantage for you in that most all of the Master Planned Communities and Plantations have Home Owners Associations.   These associations that will provide many benefits and services that give you more freedom with your time.

Home Owners Associations are a governing entity that sets up many of the structures for the Master Planned Community and Plantations including:

  • Building and Restoration Guidelines
  • Governing Regulations for community
  • Activities and Amenity Management
  • Maintenance and community upkeep

Now, do not think that your Master Planned Community and Plantation H.O.A is an organization that will be monitoring every move you make in the neighborhood, this is not true!  It is instilled to provide consistency with the design of homes, community upkeep and consistency to operations and activities that actually help increase the value of the neighborhood, value of your home and ultimately adds value to your lifestyle.

Again, we would like to focus on the lifestyle aspect of this topic.  The Home Owners Association will set up most, if not all the activities in your community.   Typically, there  is an annual cost for this benefit and what it delivers.  The fees are broken up into monthly or quarterly payments.  Many retirees do insist on the active retirement lifestyles that Home Owners Association sponsor and endorse.  Such activities will include the Amenity Center, pool, exercise facilities and all associated activities, i.e. yoga, Zumba, cooking clubs, outdoor clubs, and overall the structure for you to focus on discovering new activities and to establish new and lasting friendships. 

When relocating to a new area or a new community from your “hometown,” many worry that they will have difficulty in discovering and meeting new friends.  This is not the case with resources like the Home Owners Association.  These associations are structured to allow you to meet, greet and learn at YOUR PACE, there is never any pressures from this resource to participate.  Typically, your Amenity Center will have a staff managing the activities. They will provide a list of activities and descriptions of all the activities you wish to join.  As we visit each community, Carolina Plantations makes a habit of visiting these resources so you can see firsthand all the benefits at each community.

When you are exploring Real Estate opportunities in Brunswick County with us, we will visit all of the resources in the Home Owners Associations.  This is going to be part of that “Martini Theory” we talk about in your decision in which Master Planned Community and Plantation you will choose to live in.

Contact us at 910-755-7557 to learn more about the benefits of our communities that have Home Owners Associations providing endless resources for your new Carolina lifestyle.

Great Golf Lifestyle at Magnolia Greens.

We seem to always come back to coastal Carolina’s top pastime for retiree’s, golf.  Brunswick County hosts some of the best courses in the Grand Strand area.  One of our most golfer friendly makes home to the established Master Planned Community and Plantation of Magnolia Greens.

Magnolia Greens


Magnolia Greens hosts 27 holes of fun, friendly grand-strand golf.  The Championship course, which is the first 18 holes at Magnolia Greens is a Par 72 Course that was designed by Tom Jackson.  This course has been well established and set with Bermuda grass fairways with the greens hosting Championship Bermuda.  The course is not only fun, but tremendously scenic and green with fantastic landscaping.  This course hosts five sets of tees, so makes for great play no matter what your level.  Don’t be fooled by its forgiveness in play, there are several hazards that will come out and get you.  The water hazards and bunkers are well placed so that the experience golfer can concentrate on placement and precision. This course has hosted the PGA Tour Qualifying rounds. 

The homes along this course are nestled among mature trees with rolling topography.  All homes have great architecture appointments, designed to invite you to preview and appreciate the homes from the greens.  In the fall, the homes are highlighted by the array of foliage colors that reflect our warm autumn golf season.

Tom Jackson continued to put his signature in the additional nine at Magnolia Greens.  The course again was designed to cover a spectrum of golf talents, the front tees make the course forgiving and fun, the back tees make you bring your “A-Game” to the course.

Many of the homeowners at Magnolia Greens are so proud and love to host guests on their home course.  They jump in their golf carts, set the slow cooker, golf and come back to the smell of a great dinner, and the car remained in the garage!  What a lifestyle Magnolia Greens offers.

To preview the fine homes of Magnolia Greens and to get in a round, contact us at Carolina Plantation at 910-755-7557, we’d be happy to make the arrangements.

Outdoor Gardening at Ocean Ridge Plantation

Nestled just off Highway 17 south in Sunset Beach, NC, you will find one of the most prestigious master planned communities in Brunswick County, NC.  Hosting 72 holes of championship golf courses with the completion of the 5th course soon, you will definitely build an appetite from all this golf activity.


Some of your fellow golf fanatic residents may also be members of the Gardening and harvest club at Ocean Ridge Plantation.  This community host over 300 acres of natural preservations and a portion of this has been designated as the Community Gardens of Ocean Ridge PlantationOn the site, a restored farmhouse is used as the epicenter to the gardens.  The planting areas around the farm house are tilled and irrigated to help the plants flourish during the heat of the summer.

The gardens at Ocean Ridge Plantation allow the owners to develop their own gardens with herbs, vegetables and flowers.   Owners have planted other herbs and flowers including,

  • Local white potatoes
  • Summer squash
  • Tomatoes
  • Green and Red Peppers
  • Hot peppers
  • Various flowers and fruit baring trees

The growing season in the area really is 3 seasons long.  You will be able to plant winter vegetables as well so when your golf game is complete, you can zip over to the gardens to get your spinach for your soup or salads.

To preview this unique amenity at Ocean Ridge Plantation, contact us at Carolina Plantations at (910) 755-7557.  There are several neighborhoods with existing, ready to move in homes available in walking distance to this preservation. 

Discover Leland NC

Just minutes from Historic downtown Wilmington, NC and on the banks of the Cape Fear River is the emerging town of Leland, NC.  This town has the full time population at just under 15,000 residents.  Leland is the northern most town in Brunswick County and hosts several of the newest Master Planned Communities and Plantations in the Wilmington area.


Magnolia Greens Golf and Plantation and Cape Fear National at Brunswick Forest are just two of the area’s top ranked links and well respected in the Grand Strand area.  These courses not only host the golf, but also have been developed to encompass the golfing lifestyle.  Both host the area’s most active adult and Master Planned Communities and Plantations with endless amenities.  The Leland area is soon to host yet another great golf course at Compass Point.

With several of the most popular Master Planned Communities and Plantations, many retail centers have also been developed.  Shopping, medical, banking and most all of your commercial needs are found just minutes from your home in Leland.  Two major shopping centers have all the provisions needed, The Shopping Villages at Brunswick Forest and Waterford Shopping Center will provide the best options for your tastes.   Take your golf chart to these shopping destinations.

The county tax basis is also a major attraction for those looking to retire in southeastern NC.  Brunswick County is still one of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina and boasts a fair tax rate of only .44 per $100 and the city of Leland is at .15 per $100.  This is one of the major attractions for those who do relocate to Leland.  The other major attraction are the county beaches.  The Brunswick County Beaches are some of the best in the Carolina’s.  Each island has its own personality and attractions and range in travel time less than 20 to 30 minutes from the epicenter of Leland. 

There are so many reasons why we invite you to discover Leland and the Wilmington area.  Contact us at Carolina Plantations, 910-755-7557 to discover the coasts most active town of Leland.

Holden Beach Real Estate

Seeking your Ideal second home in Brunswick County?  We encourage you to contact us at Carolina Plantations to learn more about the area’s most popular “family beach community” of Holden Beach.

Holden Beach

Holden Beach is just a stones’ throw from Shallotte, NC.  So everything you may need is just minutes from this pristine barrier island.  Holden Beach is actually a south facing beach, which means you get sunrises and sunsets.  Being a south-facing beach also means that the ocean is less rough than our east facing beaches.  This makes for a great day or weekend at your beach. 

The island is one of the few in southern NC that does not have a draw-bridge or swinging bridge, so this means no traffic back-ups to get to your beach home.  The bridge rises high over the Intracoastal Waterway, providing great views of the waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.  The island also hosts a navigable inlet that will give any boater quick access to the Atlantic Ocean.

The main street on Holden Beach stretches almost the entire length of the island, so you will have easy access to the quaint shops and restaurants on the island from the east to the west end.  Also, the town of Holden Beach has established community center, a public fishing pier and pavilion for entertainment.

Loggerhead turtles make their nests on this island, which is free of high-rises, neon-lights and that commercial boardwalk feel.  This makes it ideal as a favorite for the family looking to purchase a second home.

Homes, townhomes and condos are available for purchase on the island.  Our team has been representing real estate on this island, and are very educated on all the benefits for the ideal coastal lifestyle.  Contact us at (910) 755-7557 to take a look at Holden Beach and its endless opportunities.

HarborWalk, Condo Living at St. James Plantation

Brunswick County hosts some of the finest Master Planned Communities and Plantations in the Carolina’s. We write aboutSt. James Plantation frequently, well because it has so much to offer its residents and guests.

One of the more popular choices for destination living in a great planned community like St. James Plantation is that amenities are endless.  This 81-holes of golf, a marina facility that is second to none in the Southport area.  Clubs and associations provide so many opportunities to make retirement living active as you want it to be. 

Having all these choices of activities will make you reconsider, as so many have in their retirement goals.  What do I mean, you’re asking? Well, many retirees come to the communities with the idea that living in a single family home is what they want.  Well, after discovering how well the condos are in the village of HarborWalk at St. James Plantation, you may reconsider.

HarborWalk at St. James Plantation is just a few steps away from their marina and waterfront market and shops. There are several floor plans to choose from with these condos.  Customization is flexible so you can add that gourmet kitchen you always wanted.

The Spacious condo’s range from 1800 -2000 square feet.  The homes at HarborWalk at St. James Plantation also have access to a pool house and pool.  There are ground floor flat plans that includes 3 bedroom, 2 full bathes.  The upper level homes include open loft space with great views of the waterfront and marina.

Contact Carolina Plantations at (910)755-7557 to have a guided presentation to the available flats in HarborWalk at St. James Plantation.  

Golf Community that Tops the Ranks in Brunswick County

Brunswick County hosts many of the top ranked golf courses in the Grand Strand area.  A must play has emerged as the Local Journals designate it as the Top Golf Course for 2012 and 2013 in Brunswick County.  This course and Master Planned Community is Lockwood Folly Country Club and Plantation.

This links style course winds its way among salt marshes, waterways and the lovely neighborhood community.  Homesites are estate size, so there is space between the homes along this 18 hole, par 72 William Bird Designed Golf Course.  Whatever your level of golfing maybe, Lockwood Folly Country Club and Plantation will allow you to experience a course loaded with golfing excitement with a coastal influence.

Lockwood Folly Country Club and Plantation is located on the mainland side of the 2 of the area’s top beach destinations of Oak Island and Holden Beach.  The Lockwood Folly Inlet is adjacent to the property, so marina’s and waterfront restaurants are just minutes from the community.  The close beach of Holden Beach is just 6 miles by car, so having beach access year round is just one of the many benefits to making Lockwood Folly Country Club and Plantation an ideal destination for retirement.

The community is mature and established both in its habitat and it homes.  The real estate opportunities are available for those who are looking to move in immediately.  Neighbors are welcoming as this Master Planned Community as the clubs and organizations are very well established, and the enthusiasm of the residents is reflective of the southern hospitality that flourishes in this waterfront community.

To learn more about Lockwood Folly Country Club and Plantation, contact our team at Carolina Plantations at (910)755-7557.

Front Street and the Surrounding Historic District

Downtown Wilmington is minutes away from the area’s finest Master Planned Communities and Plantations in Brunswick County.  Resources of downtown are endless for your use.   Also known as the Port City, downtown Wilmington hosts everything you need in everyday living.  From restaurants, to colleges, to shopping and lodging, downtown hosts it all.

The main corridor of downtown is made up of Front Street and its surrounding streets along the Cape Fear River.  The Historic District hosts nearly 75 restaurants with almost every international flavor.  Most of these restaurants also host great live music and other entertainment.  Front Street is also proud to host Front Street Brewery, a local favorite for more than its award-winning beverages.  Several Coffee houses support the streetscape as well.  The entire length of Front Street is also lined with Historic homes and multifamily mansions, cobblestone and brick roads and driveways.  This area around the Front Street resources maybe another option for your real estate goals as well.

Some of our clients see the potential in coastal-urban living once they experience downtown Wilmington.  Historic homes, renovated homes, homes that need just a little love and care, and even multi-family living townhomes can be a possibility for you.  An evening walk along Water Street and the city boardwalk brings incredible wealth to your lifestyle, great sunsets, great views and access to some great food!

Wilmington International Airport is literally 5 minutes from the historic district.  You can be on a jet and back north to visit family and friends with great ease.  New Hanover County Regional Hospital is also just minutes from the cobblestone streets.  Other great resources are also a stone’s throw away including, The University of North Carolina-Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College (both host life-long learning) Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Mayfaire Town Center.

To learn more about downtown Wilmington and its real estate potential for your family, contact us at Carolina Plantations (910)755-7557. 

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