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Explanation of Purchasing a Homesite and Building Your Dream Home

Unlike the typical real estate market where virtually everyone purchases a resale home or new home, over 70% of the real estate transactions that occur in Brunswick County's Plantations are for homesites. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to have the have their Dream Home designed exactly around their personal tastes and daily lifestyle?

Here are additional benefits from purchasing a homesite and building on it later:

  • You can select your area, your plantation and homesite months or years in advance of retiring and or moving south
  • By choosing to purchase land, not only will you get the perfect home, but you will build it on the perfect homesite. Quite often you will find a beautiful home but it is located somewhere that you don’t like, so going the route of buying land means you have a Win/Win situation!
  • By designing and building a home, not only do you get what you want but, you are in charge of the budget
  • Not only do you design the home to your specifications but, you do so with the homesite in mind. For example, knowing where the sun rises and sun sets is a huge advantage in designing your home for each time of the day. Most retirees enjoy morning sun in their breakfast area and sunsets visible from their back porches.
  • If between the time you purchase your homesite and when you build your budget changes up or down, you will be in a good position to control the size and cost of your home
  • When you have finished your design and are ready to build, you can interview several local builders and have them provide you bids on your home. Quite often this can save you $10,000 - $30,000
  • Timing. You don’t have to build your Dream Home until you are ready, which means that perhaps you have retired, sold your business, said goodbye to your family (and not left a forwarding address!!), sold your home, sold your boat, etc.

If for any reason you are not comfortable with purchasing land and designing/building your Dream Home, please spend some time with the staff of Carolina Plantations Real Estate and Plan View Design before your dismiss what your fellow retirees are doing in droves.  You have worked long and hard for many, many years and deserve a home that reflects your personality & soul.

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