7 Tips That Will Make Your Move Easier

When a move is on the horizon for your family it’s time to take the necessary steps that will make it go as smoothly as possible. Early preparation will take the stress off last minute rushing around. Here are some tips to make the moving experience easier.

  1. Once you know you’ll be relocating – whether locally or long distance – begin to purge items you no longer use or want to keep. Give away or sell what someone else could use.
  2. Collect or buy boxes – lots of them – and packing tape to close them with. These are available for purchase at UPS or UHaul Stores. Moving supplies are often available on Craig’s List or Freecycle or check with your local grocery store.
  3. Packing tape and permanent markers will come in real handy. Don’t close any box before writing what room it goes to on the outside.
  4. Buy a small notebook. From the first box you pack to the last, put a number on it starting with #1. In the notebook write the box number and the contents of the box. This will come in handy when you need to find something that you’ve already packed.
  5. You’ll need bubble wrap for your dishes and other precious items. Use crumbled up newspaper to secure items in boxes.
  6. Obtain a hand truck or flatbed cart. When moving more than one box, use the hand truck to save yourself some steps. Your back will thank you.
  7. If you’re packing early, stack your boxes (sturdiest ones on the bottom) in an out of the way spot like the garage.

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