Featured Property: 902 Village Point Rd.

Featured Property

If your family or friends are looking for the ultimate and most prestigious home in Brunswick County, take a look at this month’s featured property at 902 Village Point Road, Shallotte, NC. This spacious 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home sits on 6.37 acres where you can spread out to your heart’s content.

Providing you with over 6,100 sq ft of living space there’s nothing about this house that you won’t fall in love with. The gourmet kitchen with granite and marble countertops, real hardwood floors, high end stainless steel appliances, walk-in pantry and a butler’s pantry is sure to please the chef in your family.

Featured Property

This home features an arts & crafts studio, hobby room, bar & cards room, pool hall, full home theatre, an executive office and a formal dining room. The two story formal foyer welcomes you to another world when you enter through the front door.

Onsite lifestyle amenities include an indoor pool and hot tub, your own private fishing pond, two garages that can hold five cars, and a large outdoor patio with fire pit.

This home is newly listed with Carolina Plantations and is one of our most exceptionally beautiful and all encompassing homes. We’d be happy to give you a tour of all the home has to show you. Call the office at (910) 755-7557 or call Doug Terhune directly at 910 620-6203.

Beware! There Are No Free Custom Home Designs

When the time comes to build your dream home you will need a reputable builder and design plans for your new home. At Carolina Plantation, we know who the reputable builders are in the area and we’re happy to make recommendations. Recently it was brought to our attention that some less than reputable builders were offering free custom home designs. We’re here to warn you that there really is no such thing. The cost of creating custom home designs is always figured into the final price of your home, even if you never see it line listed.

We recently read about a local builder that had been doing business in Brunswick County for over 10 years and had built homes in some of the most prestigious golf plantations.

About three years ago, for a variety of reasons, the builder found themselves in over their heads and were asked to leave the community they were working in. They did, but came back a few years later working under a new name.

This builder, as it turns out, charged a couple who were ready to build their dream home, $8,000 for plans that were designed internally, which most likely were recycled plans from someone else’s home.

When you build a true custom home, you can either secure your plans from an independent CPBD (Certified Professional Building Designer) or an Architect or, you can use the plans that your builder provides. When you use plans from a builder, however, you are not able to send your home out for bid, and this can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over what it needs to.

If you decide to build that dream home, do a thorough search of the options available to you, including builders. Ask a lot of questions and assume nothing. When you’re looking for recommendations, give us a call.


Custom Built Homes Even Retirees Can Afford

Have you ever dreamed of having a custom home built for yourself? Maybe you think it would be out of your price range or maybe you don’t think there’s any available homesites that you could afford. Time and time again people that visit us at Carolina Plantations are thrilled to discover we not only have the available space for Custom Built Homes but can do it at an affordable price, too!


Custom Built Homes Even Retirees Can Afford

When you decide to build a home you can choose whether it’s in a gated community or not, if it’s on a golf course, or backs up to a pond, or maybe has a nature preserve behind it. You even get to choose how your home is oriented to where the sun rises and sets. If it’s important to you to have early sunshine and late day coolness then that will help you decide just where to build your home in a community. We understand that these are details that matter.

Deciding to have a home built from the ground up gives you the opportunity to select from more than 30 popular floor plans. You’ll be able to choose your own hardwood flooring, cabinets, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, granite countertops, appliances, ceilings (tray ceilings, flat, vaulted, coffered, cathedral, 9’, 10’, etc.), exterior building materials, color of exterior, location of the gas grill or outdoor summer kitchen, backsplash tile, carpeting color/style and much more. Having a say in these details will make a difference in how much you like your home when it’s completed.

The majority of people building custom homes here in Coastal North Carolina are folks from the mid-Atlantic states up through New England and parts of the mid-west. Of all the homebuyers that use our real estate services at Carolina Plantations approximately 85{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e} of them choose to have a custom home built.

In Brunswick County, new home construction fuels a large part of our economy. If you drove through the following communities, this is approximately the number of homes you would see being built:

• Brunswick Forest – 80-90
• Brunswick Plantation – 20-25
• Compass Pointe – 40-50
• Ocean Ridge Plantation – 25-35
• St James Plantation – 100+

Our team at Carolina Plantations is well versed in the entire home design and building process. Our brokers work with you from the time you contact us until after you’ve received the keys to your very own Dream Home. It’s just what we do!

6 Things Not to Say When Selling a Home

This is something every home seller should hear. Home sellers need to watch what they say to buyers and to their real estate agents. Real estate professionals recently told Realtor.com® some things they believe sellers should never say:

Things Not To Say When Selling a Home

1. “Our house is in perfect condition.”
“The home inspection may reveal otherwise, and, as a seller, you don’t want to wind up putting your foot in your mouth,” says Cara Ameer, a real estate professional that spoke with Realtor.com®. “There simply is no such thing as ‘perfect condition.’ Every house, whether it is brand new or a resale, has something that needs to be fixed, adjusted, replaced, or improved upon.”

2. “We’ve never had a problem with …”
Sellers need to be careful to not tell any fibs or embellish anything, even when those appear seemingly small. “You’re setting yourself up for potential liability,” Ameer says. “You may not even be aware of the problem at first, but it could translate into an embarrassing moment upon inspection.” Let the home inspector’s report speak for your home.

family looking for a home

3. “It’s been on the market for X number of weeks/months/years.”
Sellers should never mention to potential buyers how long their home has been on the market, says Pam Santoro, another real estate professional. The information is available on the home’s information sheet for buyers to see for themselves. Sellers who wish to highlight this may find that buyers think they can get the home for less because it’s been on the market longer. Other buyers will wonder what’s wrong with the home that it has been sitting for so long.

4. “We spent a ton of money on X, Y, and Z.”
Sellers shouldn’t think that just because they spent a lot of money on recent upgrades to the home that they will get that back and more when they sell. “The buyer doesn’t care whether you spent $10,000 or $100,000 on your kitchen,” says Ameer. “They are only going to offer what they feel the home is worth in relation to comparable sales in the area.”

Don't talk about renovations

5. “We always hoped to fix/renovate that…"
Mentioning things you thought about updating or renovating just makes the buyer think they’re not perfect as they are. They may perceive this to mean the house will be costing them even more money down the road.

6. “I’m not taking less than X amount for my home.”
“If you send a message that you are inflexible or not open to negotiating, it may not invite buyers to even try to work out acceptable price and terms as they will feel defeated from the start,” says Ameer. “Word may spread that you have this sentiment as a seller, and people may start to avoid the house.”

Source: “6 Things You Should Never Say When You’re Selling Your Home,” realtor.com®

Christmas Concert with the Annie Moses Band

We have something exciting to tell you about! The Annie Moses Band will be performing a Christmas Concert on Thursday, Dec. 17 so mark your calendars now! The concert will be held at Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College in Bolivia.  Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. We saw them perform last year at OWA and the show they put on was just fabulous! So this is the show to see if you want to get into the Christmas Spirit – it’s never too early!

Annie Moses Band

The inspirational Annie Moses Band has been entertaining audiences for more than a decade, bringing a distinctive style of music across the country and around the world. A captivating blend of folk and classical, they are a talented ensemble of songwriters, singers, and musicians, that combine their individual technical skills with exhilarating showmanship you just have to see.

The band’s innovative sound has delighted audiences around the world. They have had record breaking numbers of airings on PBS and on stages as diverse as Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry.

The members of the band are all family. Veteran composer, Bill Wolaver, weaves musical styles together into cinematic arrangements while the virtuosic siblings bring Juilliard-honed chops to Nashville-styled performances.

The Annie Moses Band encompasses the best of all the beloved genres. They have a style that unifies all audiences — young and old, classical connoisseurs and roots enthusiasts, jazz aficionados and bluegrass buffs. Make a difference in your Christmas this year and treat yourself to this concert.

Call Odell Williamson today at 910-755-7416 to reserve your tickets. Ticket prices are: Adult $29, Senior/Student $27, and children 12 and under $10.