Bald Head Island

The sky is blue and the breeze is out of the southeast at about 10 knots. Southport is fading in your rear horizon and Old Baldy Lighthouse is growing ever so slowly. Seagulls hover in packs while waiting for someone to toss them a French fry, sandwich or anything edible. The crusty salt air permeates your memory of days spent at the ocean with family and the passing boats carelessly float on by as you pull into a finely manicured marina. Welcome to Bald Head Island.

You have landed on an island once fought over by pirates and that has diverted thousands of ships from running aground on her sandy shoals. And rest assured that when you walk amongst the thick island growth, that you will swear you are on a Caribbean island.

If you want to get from Point A to Point B on BHI, you have two options. Your feet or a golf cart, for there are only a handful of motorized service vehicles on the island and all cars and worries are parked at the BHI ferry terminal on the mainland. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, you are going back in time, so you may want to leave your watch at home!

Bald Head Island is a 12,000 acre paradise located in Brunswick County, NC. It sits just a few visible miles off the shores of Southport and at the mouth of the Cape Fear River with the Atlantic Ocean hugging its east coastline. If you enjoy peace & quiet times alone or with family and or friends, then BHI may soon become your Mecca.

When you arrive in the islands sole marina, there is a supply store, Bed & Breakfast and dockside restaurant. The rest are homes owned by residents, most of which are part time as the US Census indicates that there are only 200 full time residents on the island. Most locals think that is high.

If you grab a golf cart and meander south through the heavily wooded road, you will come upon The Island Club, which hosts the 18 hole golf course, the swim club, the tennis club, croquet court, banquet facilities and a myriad of dining options from sandwiches on the run to fine tablecloth dining. Travel a bit farther (and obviously nothing is far from anywhere on BHI) and you will come to The Shoals Club (pool and dining), with breathtaking views of the windswept beaches greeting the Atlantic Ocean. BTW, the Shoals Club and Island Club are for members only.

In the middle of the island you will encounter the heart of the island, as The Maritime Market fills everyone’s refrigerators with all the necessities required for a fun week or more in paradise. On the way to the market you might pass the Sea Turtle Conservancy, which hosts a very informative display of sea turtle artifacts and gift store. BHI is a major destination for Sea Turtle nesting as just this year 44 nests have been discovered.

With the economy still in recovery mode with regards to real estate here on BHI, today you can find a bungalow or small home in the $300,000s, condos in the $200,000s and SFHs up in the millions. Bald Head Island is the closest we have to “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” yet today, one doesn’t have to be nearly as rich to enjoy this incredible island lifestyle.

Check out what is available on BHI today! 

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