Beware! There Are No Free Custom Home Designs

When the time comes to build your dream home you will need a reputable builder and design plans for your new home. At Carolina Plantation, we know who the reputable builders are in the area and we’re happy to make recommendations. Recently it was brought to our attention that some less than reputable builders were offering free custom home designs. We’re here to warn you that there really is no such thing. The cost of creating custom home designs is always figured into the final price of your home, even if you never see it line listed.

We recently read about a local builder that had been doing business in Brunswick County for over 10 years and had built homes in some of the most prestigious golf plantations.

About three years ago, for a variety of reasons, the builder found themselves in over their heads and were asked to leave the community they were working in. They did, but came back a few years later working under a new name.

This builder, as it turns out, charged a couple who were ready to build their dream home, $8,000 for plans that were designed internally, which most likely were recycled plans from someone else’s home.

When you build a true custom home, you can either secure your plans from an independent CPBD (Certified Professional Building Designer) or an Architect or, you can use the plans that your builder provides. When you use plans from a builder, however, you are not able to send your home out for bid, and this can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over what it needs to.

If you decide to build that dream home, do a thorough search of the options available to you, including builders. Ask a lot of questions and assume nothing. When you’re looking for recommendations, give us a call.


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