Farm to Table, Farmer Markets near Your Plantation

We have mentioned in the past about communities like Ocean Ridge Plantation, Brunswick Forest and Winding River Plantation having Home Owners Association communal gardens.  Some communities and neighborhoods will also allow for you to do your own gardens in your yard – but always check first as many of the plantations have regulations about the size of gardens you can plant. For the most part, you can plant a few tomato plants and some beans but if you start tilling the land, well, that will be seen as excessive in most communities.

Oh the bright side, Brunswick County hosts many farmer markets and organic wholesale/retail farms.  During your visit, your BUYER’S AGENT at Carolina Plantations would be happy to show you where these markets are located.

Shallotte, NC

If you are looking at communities like River’s Edge Golf and Plantation, and others near the town of Shallotte, there is a great market, Buddy Kelly’s Farmers Market.  This market begins in April and runs through October and is located just off Main St.  It is open Saturday mornings and offers local foods, produce, cakes, jellies, Jewelry, and local arts are offered at this market. Locals to southern Brunswick County find this market to provide all fresh produce and home goods.

Also in Shallotte you can have access to a 250 acre farm that grows the majority of the produce on site.  Holden Brothers Famer’s Market is just off Hwy 17 at mile marker 10.  So if you are looking at communities such as Sea Trail, Sandpiper Bay, Brunswick Plantation, Ocean Ridge Plantation and Crow Creek, this market is your place.  You can also pay and pick at this farm blackberries, tomatoes and strawberries, which are always fun to pick with your grandchildren in the spring.

Oak Island

The Barrier Island of Oak Island provides the area’s newest Farmer’s Market.  Communities like St. James Plantation, Bald Head Island and Indigo Plantation will utilize all the fresh local produce, meats, cheese and local arts at this market.  This market is located on the barrier island behind the Town Hall.  Weekends until October, you can grab what you need after leaving the beach, a convenient market for this part of the county. There is also a fresh produce stand on Long Beach Road on the right side about half way to the bridge.

Downtown Wilmington

Located on weekends along historic Water St in front of the Federal Courthouse, downtown Wilmington is the area’s largest Farmer’s Market.  Artisans, jewelers, and of course all the local organic farms bring their freshest products to you. This market is just minutes from the gates of Brunswick Forest, Magnolia Greens, Porter’s Neck Plantation and Landfall.  

Lifestyles of the Lanai—Brunswick Forest Real Estate

One thing that many, if not all of the retirees discover about retiring in the Carolina’s is that lifestyle is a major contributor of How you will live. You are probably wondering what this means?  Retiring in the south gives you and your family many reasons to brag to your friends up north, but one of the main reasons Brunswick County is a top destination for retirement is the climate.   

You will discover as you explore real estate in Brunswick County, including the master planned community of Brunswick Forest that much of the outdoors and this favorable climate is brought into the design and function of the homes.  One popular feature of these southern architecturally influenced homes in the Lanai.  Many of the homes you will see in the popular community of Brunswick Forest will have the Lanai addition on the rear of the home as a focal point of the home design which will allow for this improved year round lifestyle of entertaining, dining and just relaxing.

The Lanai is best describe as an enclosed back porch area that will host open space, with the focal point being a gourmet kitchen.  This kitchen is everyone’s favorite feature, consisting of a mini refrigerator, sink, and stove top burners, grill and professional grade hood for ventilation.  The Lanai in these homes at Brunswick Forest are every weekend chef’s dream.  

The enclosed area can be utilized as mentioned year round.  The screens which run the entire height of the floor to the ceiling of this rear enclosed area have removable plexi-glass so you can use the kitchen and entertainment space in the winter (about 3-4 weeks is about the time that it may be too cold).  Many families add flat screen TV’s, sound systems and even hide-away bedding, so their guests can live the lifestyle for just the visit.  When you incorporate the Lanai in the homes at Brunswick Forest, you may hardly ever use the main kitchen in the home again!

There are several villages within Brunswick Forest that have the Lanai’s as standard features in the design of the homes.  These homes will have undertones of Floridian design as well as coastal cottages, so this feature naturally fits the design of these homes.  As far as customizing this mini kitchen, well, that is a function of your goals and budget.  

To learn more about the homes that feature homes with Lanai’s at Brunswick Forest, contact Carolina Plantation’s, the top selling real estate office in Brunswick Forest at (910)755-7557.

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Lifestyle, Amenities, just Minutes from the Port City, Brunswick Forest

An award winning golf course, spacious parks, miles of walking and biking trails.  Sounds like an active place to live and play, well, hundreds of families partake in the ultimate coastal lifestyle at Brunswick counties newest and established planned community, Brunswick Forest.

Brunswick Forest is the home of Cape Fear National golf course and nine distinct neighborhoods that are a reflection of the most inspiring coastal designed homes.  Brunswick Forest is loaded with features that hold great opportunities for long weekends with families, including live Summer Series concerts at the Park.  Hundreds of families pack the coolers and bring the lawn chairs to enjoy the live music that is all part of the neighborhood.  State of the Art exercise facilities, yoga classes, spin classes….yes, it’s all here!

Remember, you and your loved one can jump on a beach cruiser and ride to any of these activities in the neighborhood.  Speaking of biking, how about riding your bike to get groceries, a coffee, or to get your dental checkup?  All these activities are possible, Brunswick Forest has the most complete access to commercial resources just a few minutes on a bike from your home.

Your family has more than nine neighborhoods to choose from.  The home designs are an array of southern influenced styles.  All of the home builders are selected by the management team in order to insure that the vision of Lord Baltimore Group and Brunswick Forests’ master plan is carry out to perfection.

Life well lived!! Come visit Brunswick Forest today.  Contact our team at Carolina Plantations, the number one brokerage firm for guiding and bringing you into the best community in Brunswick County.

Buying Pays Off Bigger Than Renting

So you’ve been renting a place for a while now and you’re wondering if you should be buying a property while the rates are still low? We can answer that in one word – YES! There has never been a better time to make the jump to home ownership than now. The Brunswick Forest properties that are available would make a perfect first home for anyone. Many of these are homes that you can grow into as your family size increases.

Regardless of whether you’re married or single, you can still become a homeowner. When you rent you are throwing your money away and paying for a temporary roof over your head. When you purchase a home of your own your monthly mortgage payments go towards full ownership of the house. The bank or mortgage company gave you the money to buy the home and you’re basically paying them back each month plus interest. You can deduct the interest on your federal tax form each year and in the beginning it makes up the majority of the payment.

Renting might be fine for temporary housing but if you’re planning on staying three years or more you should purchase a home. The place you buy doesn’t have to be your dream home. It doesn’t even have to be the house big enough to hold all those kids you hope you’ll have someday. It just needs to be a suitable house for right now. A villa, condo, or townhome is fine.

There are many Brunswick Forest homes that would be  perfect homes for the first-time homebuyer and the seasoned buyer alike. You really should get in on the real estate investment opportunity presented by today’s economy. In a few years, when the economy has improved, if you’re not happy where you are, you can put that house on the market and sell it for a profit. That profit will enable you to buy bigger and better and be one step closer to your dream home.

Brunswick Forest

Brunswick Forest is one of the fastest growing communities in the coastal south.  Over 500 families now call it their home.  It was built around a beautiful and peaceful forest.  It feels like it’s in a world of its own, but you’ll realize that your only a few minutes from Historic Wilmington, NC.  This community is great for the active, outdoors type of person and also for the calm, relaxing person.  It offers some amenities as golf, river and ocean clubs, community center, wellness and fitness center, and parks. It can be your new dream home and future if your interested in Brunswick Forest Real Estate.