Don’t Be A Half Back!

Famous Halfbacks: Frank Gifford/New York Giants, Mercury Morris/Miami Dolphins, John Kuhn/Green Bay Packers, Sally and Bob Simpson/NJ/FL/NC
In the game of football, a Halfback is a player that lines up behind or to the side of the Quarterback. Quite often, it is an unglamorous position as blocking is often the forte of the HB, while the Fullback or Tailback follows the blocking of the HB and the offensive line. There are a handful of famous HBs but, a whole lot more Tailbacks and Fullbacks, as they typically score many touchdowns.
In the world of Real Estate, a halfback is a person/s that lives up north and moves to Florida, but soon realizes that Florida is not for them. So, what do they do? They move halfway back home, which would put them somewhere in the Carolinas. With its tremendous population explosion, year-round oppressive heat, traffic and congestion just about everywhere you turn, halfbacks are significantly increasing in numbers in our area.

Moving to North Carolina

Take a look below at an excerpt from a report put out by Carolina Demography and the University of North Carolina. Notice the top states where people are exiting and landing in North Carolina. Florida is at the top of the list, and it is safe to say that a large portion of those people were originally from up north, the Midwest of Mid-Atlantic states.
Most people moving to North Carolina in 2017 moved here from elsewhere within the United States: 314,000 or 85% of all in-migrants to NC.

Top states were:

  • Florida (32,000)
  • Virginia (29,000)
  • South Carolina (27,000)
  • New York (27,000)
  • California (20,000)
Why is becoming a Halfback statistic bad? Well for one, MONEY – lots and lots of money to be more specific. Moving is just a horrible and costly experience, but imagine moving after 30-40 years to a place you really don’t wind up liking? Talk about a HUGE mistake – OMG!! And if you move/retire to a place you don’t really like, all you are doing is delaying your well earned and long-awaited retirement, right?

Do Your Research

Research is your best friend when it comes to selecting a place to retire to. Reach out to your friends that have already retired and quiz them about their choice/s in depth. Visit areas that fit your lifestyle vs. cool, trendy places that you read about somewhere. Visit areas that are of interest to you in terms of weather, beaches, mountains, sports, culture, etc.
At Carolina Plantations, every day we employ “The Martini Theory” – which is a simple analogy of your search. The top part of a martini glass, called The Area, is also the largest and most important aspect of your search. Before you find a community or house that you fall in love with, be sure that you find an area that supports your active lifestyle, for what is outside your community is more important than what is inside your community.

Dream Home on the Coast of NC

Once you have selected the area, the community is the next step, or middle of the martini glass. Here is where you make sure that you are surrounded by people of similar interests and that there are plenty of activities to do that are in line with your interests.
The easiest part of your search is that well-soaked olive on the bottom of the glass, known as “your Dream Home.” There are tons of great homes everywhere and if by chance you don’t find one – have it built to your specifications – which is far more affordable than you think.
The team at Carolina Plantations has helped many Halfbacks, but quite honestly – we’d be a lot more happy if we could stop you and others from making that first costly step of moving to the Sunshine State, just like Sally and Bob Simmons (above picture) did recently.  And FYI, just because you might have an Uncle Bob and Aunt Jean that live in Florida, that is absolutely no reason that you need to live there!
Moral of The Story: Stop in and visit with us on your way to Florida – you’ll be glad you did!

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