Downsizing for Retirement Savings

Downsizing to a smaller home, condo or townhome when you retire can save you money while freeing up time to fully enjoy your retirement years as they were meant to be. If you haven’t decided how you want to spend your retirement years and where, it’s a good time to start. Just outside of Wilmington, NC, you’ll find a nice assortment of Leland condos and townhomes for sale that are very affordable in this quaint town located along the Brunswick River.

Anticipating a move is the perfect time to sort through the years of accumulated stuff you have held onto. It’s a good time to give what matters to your adult children for their safekeeping. Things you might not think matters just might so we recommend asking them first. Sentimental value goes a long way.

Items in good condition that you don’t want to keep or pass on to your family can either be sold or be donated to the Salvation Army or Good Will. You can deduct these donations off your taxes so be sure to get a receipt. Any remaining items can be offered for free on Craig’s List, Freecycle or your local newspapers. This will keep the majority of your items out of the landfills and put them in the hands of people that can use them. Local antique or consignment shops may also be a way to part with your valuables.

If you’d like to look at the Leland condos and townhouses we have available at Carolina Plantations, give us a call at 910-755-7557 today. We’d love to talk with you about your next home.

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