Getting Your House Sold

Let’s say you have a home in Brunswick County, North Carolina, that you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to sell in spite of low prices and even lower interest rates. What can you do? We have some sound advice that will get your property sold.

For the best chances in real estate you must put your for sale properties in front of the greatest number of people shopping for new homes. The best way to do that is having it listed with the Brunswick County MLS. To do this will require listing with a real estate agency such as Carolina Plantations.

If your home is in a popular neighborhood, near tourist attractions, shopping destinations or schools and colleges, your property will be in higher demand by many people. As well as being listed on the Brunswick County MLS it’s a good idea to consider holding an Open House. But make your open house something special.

What makes a house a home is its appeal to all of the senses. It should look, smell, feel and sound great for an Open House. You could hire a musician — maybe an acoustic guitarist in the garden — or just play some calm and soothing sounds of the ocean or wind chimes. Have comfortable seats available for buyers to relax and enjoy the surroundings both inside and out. Open the windows and let a cool breeze blow through. You could also hire a great caterer to stage tasty, visually appealing food and drink stations around the home. Light candles or start a fire in the fireplace — anything to create a special atmosphere that will give buyers the chance to imagine your home as theirs.

For other recommendations on how to get your home sold or listed on the Brunswick County MLS, give us a call at 910-755-7557. We’d be happy to talk with you.


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