Helpful Tips on Moving

Every year more and more people are moving into new homes. In the U.S. alone there are millions of families moving locally and relocating long distance. If you are moving because your company is relocating, your move is organized and paid by your company. But if you have just purchased a new home because you have chosen to life elsewhere or you are retiring and going south, then the burden of moving rests on your shoulders.

If you haven’t found your new home yet, we urge you to take a look at our St James Plantation real estate. But even if you have, read on. There is much to learn about getting help with the whole process of moving. There are many places that will help you with your move, and following are some great resources you can use.

Did you know that you can get free maps, relocation guides, addresses of quality real estate companies and several How To guides that can be quite handy for your move?

The local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to get maps as well as relocation guides for the area you’re moving to. They either provide this to you for free or for a very small, nominal fee. You can get information about the city you are relocating to, about the facilities, the educational system, even the type of churches available near your location. You can also get some useful checklists that you can use for your move.

AMSA is the American Moving And Storage Association. They are an organization that includes over 3,000 professional moving companies of high caliber that you can contact with confidence. If you check out the association’s website, you will find several How To guides specifically catering to your moving needs.

In addition, the AMSA website includes a list of Certified Moving Consultants which are sales professionals who are experts at moving. They have taken and passed a certification exam. Every year they pay year a fee and re-take the certification exam with new updated information they are required to know.

Our sales professionals at Carolina Plantations would be happy to talk with you about your plans for relocating to the area. We have some beautiful St James Plantation real estate we’d love to show you.

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