Property Sales Up Significantly During Third Quarter of 2015

The Brunswick County Association of Realtors® just released their statistics for the third quarter of the current year. Residential real estate sales in Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus counties for September and the third quarter of 2015 increased solidly over the same period in 2014. This is fabulous news for anyone that has been hesitant to put their home on the market or start the homebuying process. The market is sound and properties are moving at a steady rate.

Real Estate Sales in Brunswick County Increase Significantly in Third Quarter of 2015

“Sales continue to increase in the three counties over the previous year,” said BCAR CEO Cynthia Cumbie. “The last four months showed the highest number of sales during the year. The local real estate market has been moving in a positive direction this year, and these latest statistics underscore the uptick we have observed in Brunswick and surrounding counties since January.”

Here are the recent statistics posted for Brunswick County:

Single Family Sales — Listings
September 2014: 334
September 2015: 322
Change: -3.6{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Single Family Sales — Units Sold
September 2014: 211
September 2015: 241
Change: 14.2{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Single Family Sales — Average Sale Price
September 2014: $229,529
September 2015: $245,384
Change: 6.3{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Single Family Sales — Total Sales Volume
September 2014: $48,430,616
September 2015: $59,137,573
Change: 22.1{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Lot Sales — Units Sold
September 2014: 94
September 2015: 77
Change: -18.1{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Lot Sales — Average Sale Price
September 2014: $86,163
September 2015: $83,514
Change: -20.6{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

*Note: YTD Closed Sales for Carolina Plantations is $31,000,000+ vs. $18,000,000 a year ago YTD/2014.

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Current Home Sales Are Up

We are thrilled to tell you that home sales are up this summer over last year sales. This is the hottest time for the market and it continues through the warmer months. The following numbers reflect sales within the Brunswick County MLS for June this year compared with last year. Some sales in Brunswick County are included in a neighboring MLS and may not be reflected in this analysis.

Brunswick County

Single Family Sales — Listings
• June 2014: 369
• June 2015: 443
• Change: 20.1{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Single Family Sales — Units Sold
• June 2014: 228
• June 2015: 290
• Change: 27.2{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Single Family Sales — Average Sale Price
• June 2014: $237,869
• June 2015: $278,440
• Change: 17.1{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Single Family Sales — Total Sales Volume
• June 2014: $54,234,216
• June 2015: $80,747,730
• Change: 48.9{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Lot Sales — Units Sold
• June 2014: 82
• June 2015: 78
• Change: -4.9{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Lot Sales — Average Sale Price
• June 2014: $65,638
• June 2015: $99,711
• Change: 51.9{273583cfc581702b9b29d53e7767e779614a2427f9fcf163ae51dfa4952ef47e}

Housing Starts surged in June, increasing 9.8 percent to 1.174 million units. May’s figures were also revised higher. Building Permits, a sign of future construction, surged to a near 8-year high as well. It’s important to note that the increase in Housing Starts mostly came from the multi-family construction sector, which can be volatile. Ground breaking for single-family homes had declined in every geographic region of the country with the exception of the South.


diagram of Retail Sales

Overall, construction trends have recovered following the harsh winter earlier this year. The recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Housing Market Index reading of 60 confirms this, as builder confidence has reached its highest level since November 2005. Readings over 50 show that more builders view conditions as good rather than poor.

NAHB Chairman Tom Woods noted, "As we head into the second half of 2015, we should expect a continued recovery of the housing market."

At Carolina Plantations we look forward to that and are ready and waiting to assist you with listing your home for sale or helping you find your next perfect property.