How to Sell Your Home Quickly

In the last few years, the average time it takes to sell a home has increased dramatically. Many make a blanket statement and blame the economy but it’s specifically due to credit lines tightening up and unemployment rising. At this time, sellers need to be more competitive and flexible than ever before to get their home sold in a reasonable amount of time.

What affects the average time of a house on the market?

Price: An asking price that is too high can drastically impact your ability to sell your home quickly. Your real estate agent can provide you with the most recent comparable sales in the area and information on the local market so that you can make the best initial decision on list price.

Condition: Fix all nail holes, carpet stains, get rid of odors and pet stains. Clean your house from top to bottom, windows and doors included and de-clutter. The less of your stuff buyers have to look at in your home the more they are able to envision themselves in it.

Location: Where your home is located will go a long way to determining how quickly you may be able to sell. Homes that are adjacent to or back up to busy streets, power lines, commercial property, etc. are going to have a more difficult time selling.

Take all of these factors into consideration and remain as flexible and patient as possible and you will get your home sold. Just remember that it only takes one buyer!

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