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One thing that many, if not all of the retirees discover about retiring in the Carolina’s is that lifestyle is a major contributor of How you will live. You are probably wondering what this means?  Retiring in the south gives you and your family many reasons to brag to your friends up north, but one of the main reasons Brunswick County is a top destination for retirement is the climate.   

You will discover as you explore real estate in Brunswick County, including the master planned community of Brunswick Forest that much of the outdoors and this favorable climate is brought into the design and function of the homes.  One popular feature of these southern architecturally influenced homes in the Lanai.  Many of the homes you will see in the popular community of Brunswick Forest will have the Lanai addition on the rear of the home as a focal point of the home design which will allow for this improved year round lifestyle of entertaining, dining and just relaxing.

The Lanai is best describe as an enclosed back porch area that will host open space, with the focal point being a gourmet kitchen.  This kitchen is everyone’s favorite feature, consisting of a mini refrigerator, sink, and stove top burners, grill and professional grade hood for ventilation.  The Lanai in these homes at Brunswick Forest are every weekend chef’s dream.  

The enclosed area can be utilized as mentioned year round.  The screens which run the entire height of the floor to the ceiling of this rear enclosed area have removable plexi-glass so you can use the kitchen and entertainment space in the winter (about 3-4 weeks is about the time that it may be too cold).  Many families add flat screen TV’s, sound systems and even hide-away bedding, so their guests can live the lifestyle for just the visit.  When you incorporate the Lanai in the homes at Brunswick Forest, you may hardly ever use the main kitchen in the home again!

There are several villages within Brunswick Forest that have the Lanai’s as standard features in the design of the homes.  These homes will have undertones of Floridian design as well as coastal cottages, so this feature naturally fits the design of these homes.  As far as customizing this mini kitchen, well, that is a function of your goals and budget.  

To learn more about the homes that feature homes with Lanai’s at Brunswick Forest, contact Carolina Plantation’s, the top selling real estate office in Brunswick Forest at (910)755-7557.

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