Living on a Private and Secluded Island

Just picture living on an island so remote that you have to take a ferry by foot to get to it. One where there are no cars and trucks to pollute the air, make noise and create traffic. Where the fastest vehicle is a golf cart unless you’re really fit, then it’s a bicycle. Now imagine buying a piece of Bald Head Island real estate for yourself to have and to hold and to visit whenever you needed to get away and be alone. Owning Bald Head Island real estate truly is owning a piece of your very own paradise.

At Carolina Plantations Realty we have condos, townhouses, cottages and houses. Prices currently range from $229,880 to $15,000,000. The beautiful home shown here is a 6,000 sf 4 bedroom and 5.5 bath home on Shoals Watch. It sits 40 feet above sea level and overlooks the Cape of Fear off Bald Head Island. There’s direct beach access from two magnificent home sites and breathtaking views of both South and East Beach. Amenities include canoe pier, golf course, marina, playground, restaurant tennis and walking trails.

When you’ve decided you’ve earned the right to have your own vacation property and you’d like something secluded and private, give us a call and we’ll show you some Bald Head Island real estate. We believe you’ll like what we have to show you.

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