Moving Stinks

People are most afraid of two things: Death and Public Speaking. Well, sorry folks, but we will add a third to that list, which would be MOVING! Raise your hand if you love moving. Keep it up and on the other hand, dial your family psychiatrist and make an appointment ASAP.

picture of a moving truck that says "We're Moving!" and a couple moving with boxes and a moving truch.

Doug has dealt with the unpleasant task of moving three times in the last three years. First, from a 4BR/4BA 2500 sq. foot townhome to a 2BR/2BA 1100 sq. foot apartment to a 1BR/1BA apartment to a 1BR/1BA Condo. And boy, it wasn’t fun. Nope, fun was the word that would least describe each of these moves.

Years and years ago, he heard a comedian say that we only move to a bigger home because we’ve collected too much “stuff” and need more room for our “stuff.”  How true, how true, because Doug made countless trips to the local Goodwill outlet with carload after carload of stuff in each of these moves. This stuff was once important, but after being in your basement or attic for years, it was time to let it go.

However, moving happens – and it is a necessary step in our lives that we all must face head-on. And with many of you facing retirement and a possible move to hopefully somewhere warmer, friendlier, and more cost-effective. We thought we’d toss out a couple of recently learned suggestions when what a dreadful day/week/month is upon you.

Paying Money to Move Every Single Item

You are paying money to move every single item, so ask yourselves these few questions:

  • Can I lead an everyday life without this item?
  • Will Mom and Grandma roll over in their grave if I sell or ditch a few things?
  • If it has been in the basement or attic for 10+ years, does it have any chance of seeing the sunlight in my beautiful new home in North Carolina?
  • What will your children or family do with these items after you pass?

Pay to Have it Packed & Transported

Table showing the average cost to move in the US

You are probably paying to have it packed, moved into a moving van, absorb the cost of transporting it, moved out, and unpacked. Why not sell it, give it to family & friends, or donate it to your church/Goodwill and Buy New when you move into your gorgeous southern-style home?

It’s OK to Throw it Away

YES, you can throw out items that have followed you for decades, such as old love letters, family pictures, quilts, trophies/awards, computers, shoes, sentimental power tools, and just about anything that smells musty after not seeing the light of day for years or decades.

Donate to Charity

Find a local charity that needs or wants your stuff. Doug has made 25+ trips to these donation centers in the past three years.

Sell to a Local Consignment Shop

Find a local Consignment store for all the lovely items that just aren’t making the trek to North Carolina. Doug received over $4000 from things that didn’t make the last move.

Tubs, Tubs & More Tubs

Tubs. These colorful large hamper-sized tubs can be found at any Walmart, Target, Home Depot, or Lowes. The items you cannot seem to part with will be buried alive in these tubs, for when you move into your beautiful new home in NC, these tubs will be stashed away for life, only to be opened by your next of kin after you leave this planet.


Whatever amount of time you think it will take to sort through and pack up a home you have lived in for 32 years, double or triple it. The reason is that you will have to sit down with much of this stuff and thoroughly go through it before you give it to Goodwill or bury it alive in a tub.

Picture showing moving and before moving boxes

There is very little joy found in moving, with the occasional exception of finding something in your endless boxes of memories that takes you back to a fun time. Every other part of moving is painful, whether it be mentally or physically. So, the best thing you can do is start scouring through your belonging a year or more before you think you might move. Just keep in mind that moving every item costs a lot of money, and will your life go on without this item? Good luck. Moving stinks!

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