New Homes vs. Resales

New Homes vs. Resales

At the suggestion of Doug’s good friend/client, let’s see if we can wrap our heads around why probably 75% of our clients build a home vs. purchase a resale. For those grappling with this albeit mini-phenomenon, one must remember that the team at Carolina Plantations #1 goal is to provide you, our clients, with enough information so that you can make educated decisions.

There are three major elements that influence just about everyone’s decision on which direction they move towards w/regards to their Dream Home, providing of course they have completed the first two steps of the Martini Theory – which is to find:

(1) The Area that best serves your interests/needs

(2) Which Community best matches your lifestyle, activities and budget

Since Carolina Plantations focuses predominantly on working with clients that are searching for a place to retire, we will assume that this information is directed at the lion’s share of our client base – future/current retirees.


  • Most of our clients begin to search for a place to retire 1-5 years out, with two years being typical
  • This is significant because unlike almost every other move in your life, you have time on your side and are not scurrying to find a home due to a job change, promotion, etc.
  • Retiring is generally not a spontaneous event, unless of course you are a recipient of a downsizing, golden parachute offer, life-changing event, etc.
  • Most couples, and or, single people have to determine when they pull the plug on 9-5, and when will they put their home on the market. Timing for both of these can be critical
  • Ultimately, many people would love to retire, sell their home for millions, move into a beautiful (new) Dream Home down south that they stole for next to nothing and do all this with only ONE move!


  • Most every client has heard or hears this from our team of Brokers: “Once you determine where you want to live and in which community, we never have any trouble finding you your perfect Dream Home.”
  • The above is a bold, but true statement because building a new home is almost always an option in the (retirement) communities here along the southernmost coast of North Carolina
  • We have communities here where new homes begin in the low to mid $200s, so we can match just about anyone’s budget
  • There are 2,051 new and resale homes (single family, townhomes and condominiums) for sale in Brunswick County TODAY. Yes, inventory is down, however there are still a lot of homes to select from!
  • And, while 2,051 homes is a large number, after you determine what area you wish to live in AND which community best meets your requirements, there may only be 12 homes to select from


  • Many of our clients come to the eventual realization that they are not in a hurry to find, or move into, their Dream (retirement) Home
  • While building a new home can scare the begeebers out of many, it is an option that needs thorough research. After all, 75% of our clients come to this conclusion
  • For the other 25%, there is much comfort in being able to see 100% of the home before closing on it. Kicking the tires can be a rewarding process for many as you are eliminating surprises. The downside is that you might have to settle on a few items that you were hoping for, such as a Walk-In Pantry, Whirlpool Tub, Screened Porch, Granite Countertops, Open Floor plan, etc.
  • The flip side is that when you build a new home, you get to select the size of your kitchen; location of your Master Suite; the interior and exterior (paint) colors; the patterns of your granite or quartz countertops; floor plans, and so on. This way, when folks walk into your home, your touches are throughout, and you take pride in having pulled together a really awesome home!!

One thing that remains quite constant in our real estate niche, is that until you come down and explore the area and some communities with one of our enjoyable and informative Brokers, none of us know what is going to make you happy and fulfill your needs! The best part of that equation for you though is that you have a myriad of choices in finding your Dream Home!

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