Preparing For Your Upcoming Move

Whether you’re buying or selling a home the time to begin preparing for moving is as soon as you’ve made the decision to purchase or list. We can help you with listing your present home and finding a new one. We especially have some good deals on Landfall Wilmington real estate at this time. Follow these following tips for an easier time of preparing for your upcoming move.

This is the time to sort your items and decide what is worth keeping and what isn’t. From the basement to the garage to all levels and closets of the house, separate the items you don’t want to keep into categories of what to give away (to family or friends), what to donate (Salvation Army, Goodwill or Freecycle) and what to toss. You might want to consider having a garage sale to get rid of a whole lot in one weekend and make some money in the process.

If you’re opting for the garage sale route you can expect to have a sense of relief as your purge through your items and free yourself of things you and the kids haven’t used in years. Put a price tag on every item. Keep in mind you’re selling things to get rid of them, not to make a profit on them. If you mark items too high they simply won’t sell and you’ll not have gotten ahead.

The less you have to pack up and take with you when  moving day comes the easier your move will be and the less unpacking you’ll have when you’re into your new house.

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