Research, Relax, Fun!

Selecting a place to retire might be seen by many as one heck of a stressful project – and we would tend to agree with that. There are so many facets that one must consider in choosing a new state, area, community and house. This has caused many people just throw in the towel early on in the process and stay put in the same place for the rest of their life. Can we say boooooring!!!
Learning, is the food of life. It has been proven that the adult mind can turn to mush unless it is stimulated on a regular basis. Consider the brain a body, and if you ignore your body, what happens? Correct — it becomes sluggish, lethargic and out of condition. Researching a number of potential locations to retire will stimulate your brain cells and put the 7% of that gray matter we use to some good.


The greatest part about researching is that it’s easy. Just ask questions and poof, there are the answers. The one caveat to researching a topic though is that you need to know which questions to ask, and if you are not familiar enough with the subject, then you might need to call a friend or ask the audience for some assistance.
Every Tuesday at 4pm, our team at Carolina Plantations sits down for a 2-hour sales meeting. With nearly 100% attendance every week, we go around the table and our Brokers contribute information to the team about something they learned in the past week. The information shared is vital for each of us, for if we are going to assist you, our clients, with not only the questions but the answers, we need to be on our game.
Make no mistake about it, there is a lot to take in during your search but, if you apply yourself and partner with people that can provide you with the information you need to make well-educated decisions, you just might find that you will relax more than you anticipated.
During our meetings, subjects run the gamut and with 10 sets of eyes and ears traversing a 70-mile swath of southeastern North Carolina 7 days a week, we might discuss:
* contract issues in depth
* information on new sections opening up in the communities here
* info from a meeting with a builder to better understand their offerings
* new commercial/retail/medical venues coming up
* a mortgage broker briefing on the latest news and offerings
* in house listings and upcoming Open Houses that we should attend
* company and local sales statistics
* restaurant reviews
Quite honestly, the subject list is endless. And, we do this every week so that when we are with our clients, we provide them with the most current and important information available.


You are seeking information, and there is no real estate firm on the planet that is better equipped to provide you with information you are seeking than Carolina Plantations. We will even load you up with information you didn’t even know you needed.  And, quoting Dan, my first boss in real estate — he said, “Doug, most people you are encountering here in Brunswick County are searching multiple areas so, you need to make their experience fun.”
Well, for over 12 years, Team Carolina Plantations has hosted thousands of people who’ve visited coastal North Carolina to see if this area met their retirement requirements, and we’ve shared as many laughs as politicians in DC share barbs on a daily basis!
If you haven’t started your research, then hop to it, and when you want to visit communities such as Ocean Ridge Plantation, St. James, Brunswick Forest, Compass Pointe and all the others, contact a team that can help you with your research. The more you know, the more you will relax, and the more you relax, the better your chances are for having a fun time while finding the perfect place to build your Dream Home.
Just remember to research, relax and have fun!

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