Residential Construction Codes in High Wind Zones, Brunswick County Homes

So many folks come to the area to discover the Master Planned Communities and Plantations in Brunswick County.  One the of the most important things that we can help with is giving you a general understanding of how North Carolina Residential Construction Codes go above and beyond to ensure that you home on the coast is “more than tolerant” to the visiting winds that sometimes blesses our coast.
The agents at Carolina Plantations, especially if it is new home construction, like to point out what the area builders do to meet and exceed the North Carolina Residential Construction Codes.  We do point out the obvious as well as additional features by some of the select builders in the Master Planned Communities and Plantations.  We are not licensed contractors, but do appreciate building and design excellence in new homes. 
Here are the major topics in North Carolina Residential Construction Codes to be aware of while looking at homes in our area.  We try our best to point out a few, but the builders we work with in the area are the experts, so we let them get into the details, including:
1. Design Pressure for Doors and Windows and Garage Doors.
2. Foundation Wall Footings, Pier Footings for elevated homes.
3. Wall and Foundation Anchorage.
4. Wall Construction and Exterior Load Barring Walls
5. Structural Bracing
6. Masonry Wall Construction.
7. Roof Tie Down.
8. Framing
9. Roof Lines and Roof Sheathing.
We also encourage you to do your research or visit Here.
The agents at Carolina Plantations are here to guide you to the best Master Planned Communities and Plantations in Brunswick County.  We have access to the area’s best builders and want you to meet them as we work on designing your future retirement home.  Please call us at 910-755-7557 so we can tour the area’s best built homes. 

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