Starting the New Year with Brunswick County Property Investments

Every year lots of people make resolutions to do things better in the New Year but how many really follow through? Check in with them a month, three months or six months later and how many have stuck with it? Make a resolution to purchase Brunswick County property investments and it’s a resolution that will make you money and have you sticking to it!

We have NC foreclosure and short sale properties available that are ideal for making a real estate investment that can potentially generate a second income for you. Foreclosures and short sales are a fabulous way to get into real estate on the ground level without having to invest a lot of money. These foreclosure and short sale properties are priced at below their appraised value and can be bought at an unbelievable price. If you haven’t looked into investing in real estate yet, now is your opportunity and the timing couldn’t be better!

A new year offers the perfect opportunity to do things differently than in the past. Why not research purchasing property here in Brunswick County North Carolina? Take a closer look on our website to see what is available. Call Carolina Plantations at 910-755-7557 to set up an appointment to go out and look at some properties, listen to what we have to say about them, and then make your decision on whether or not you want to make a secure investment in real estate. Honestly, you can’t go wrong on purchasing any coastal Brunswick County real estate. This is such a gorgeous area and not just to vacation but also to live, a place many that live here call their own little piece of paradise.

At this time we have 42 short sale/foreclosure properties that are ideal for investment purposes or even as a new primary or secondary residence for your own family. When you purchase a foreclosure or short sale property you get the benefit of having built in equity. These homes are selling at much lower prices than other properties. With homebuyers and investors looking for good deals on real estate in general, foreclosures are still popular choices in today’s real estate market.


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