Average Rainfall

Upon graduating from The University of Tennessee without honors, Doug’s first job was working for Duracell Batteries. He moved across the Smokies from Knoxville to Greenville, and his territory was northern SC and western NC. He had a lot of clients in Asheville, and he distinctly remembers that he encountered rain during his first nine business trips there. Right there and then, Doug knew he’d never call Asheville home, for who likes to live in a rainforest?

Left side picture shows a flooded road due to rainfall. Right side of the Picture shows a lake/dam that has receded due to a drought.

Rainy days are the opposite of sunny days, and Doug’s yet to uncover a client that said they wanted to move to an area where there were more rainy, cloudy days or snowy days. Just hasn’t happened.

Drought Conditions

On the other side of the spectrum, though, are drought conditions. For 40 years, Doug has enjoyed traveling out to Las Vegas occasionally and remembers going to Lake Mead 30+ years ago, walking down to the marina on the lake. There you’d feed carp/catfish by the thousands and see the variety of houses and power boats. However, if you were to attempt to go to that marina now, it is a ¼ mile journey further from where it used to be. How wild is that?!

Honestly, folks, we have no clue what Las Vegas will do for fresh water in years or decades. The metro area was going at 5,000 people per month a year back, and to the best of our knowledge, all these new housing developments and gargantuan resort hotels suck up a lot of water daily. Imagine moving to your retirement dream home only to find out you cannot plant grass, shrubs, or flowers. That is happening in Las Vegas as they scramble to salvage the water they have left.

Plenty of Rainfall

If you live on the east coast, you probably take water for granted. Seldom do we have water restrictions, but when we have them, our yards turn brown, and the Mrs. Kravitz personalities tend to come out as some folks like to run and tell town officials which neighbors are disobeying the water rules. Keeping our yards green takes up much of our water usage, followed by showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and dish cleaning. Long gone are the days when many people drank water straight out of the tap, as we have been conditioned to drink natural spring water in plastic bottles, which are strangulating our planet.

Table showing the average rainfall throughout the United States.

Rainfall can be a nuisance, but it is the absolute lifeblood of every square mile. When looking for that perfect Dream Home, don’t just assume that water will always be able to flow freely from each faucet. Research the abundance and quality of water before you settle in for the long haul.

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