Hidden Aspects of a Gated Community

If Doug were to ask you why a developer installs a gate at the entrance to their community, what would be your answer? Go ahead and think about it, as he is 100% confident your answer will not be correct.

Need a little more time??

When a large community is getting off the ground, you drive through and see just two homes, usually a trailer, and head out the gate. You will not have had an on-site agent share with you the community’s vision – which in actuality, could be perfect for you if you are retiring in 1-2 years. Therefore, the developer puts in a gate to direct you to the on-site sales team.

As a by-product, the community has a gate and what appears to be a safer environment. But is it? Doug lived in a gated community for 17 years, and if someone wanted to bypass the gate, easy peasy. But it does keep out Sunday drivers and perhaps unwanted influences.

Are there any negatives to a gated community? Possibly, everyone who owns a house anywhere in America will pay real estate taxes on their home. Part of those taxes is diverted to the city or county road department to maintain the roads, which includes fixing potholes, resurfacing every 10-12 years, and possibly coating the streets with tar from time to time to preserve the blacktop. So, where is the negative?

When you place a gate in front of a community in our area (not 100% sure about other regions), the community residents are 100% responsible for maintaining the roads. County and town road repair people simply drive by the gates of those communities and that you for paying your taxes. However, don’t forget that while you are paying your local government to maintain your roads, you are also paying your Property Owners Association (POA) an additional fee to maintain your roads. Money is escrowed periodically, and budgets are formed on how much the road will cost the residents to maintain. So yes, in essence, you are paying taxes to keep your streets repaired by your Property Owners Association (POA).

As for the cost of maintaining a gate, years back, our community was paying a local security company over $100,000 a year to have someone operating the gate 24/7 a year. Eventually, we realized that we did not need to have someone at the entrance from dusk till dawn (as Chuck and Will usually slept anyways!), so we added electronics to our gates and gave everyone key fobs. Voila, $50,000 was saved each year!

When developers sell out a community, 100% of the costs to maintain the gate is turned over to the residents, but if they do, are the roads still private? If you are ready to find your dream retirement home located in Brunswick County, give us a call today! One of our agents would be more than willing to help you with your search for your home!

Should We Have Zigged When We Zagged?

On any given day in the life of an adult, we make approximately 35,000 decisions. Therefore, in a one-year period, an adult makes nearly 12,775,000 decisions. No wonder why Doug goes to bed so early each night – he just made a whole lot of decisions!

With all these decisions to make, it’s easy for us to look back and say “hey, what would have happened if we zigged instead of zagged?” Or, what if we chose this profession over that profession? Or should Doug have attended Harvard vs. University of Tennessee? (Go Vols) Or how about if he chose this family to grow up with versus that family? (just kidding, we all know that Doug made the right decision in life.)

Should We Have Zigged When We Zagged?

Here’s a good example of a zig-or-zag story:

 Back in the mid-90s when Doug was living north of Boston, he and his neighbor Bill and his buddy Ed from Chicago, took a cruise. One evening about halfway through the 7-day cruise and before dinner, they were walking on the Lido deck in search of a cocktail, and as they approached the pool, there was a bar on the left with people and a bar on the right with people. Doug made the decision to go to the one on the right, where they met two sisters from Boston. Twenty or so years later, Bill is still married to one of those sisters and has 3 daughters. Imagine if they had zigged instead of zagged?

Important Decisions

We all make important decisions in our lives.  Some we choose correctly and others, perhaps not so well. But hey, life is too short to have regrets as the incorrect decisions hopefully pave the way for correct decisions down the line, right?

Today, we are all where we are at because we have made billions of well-guided decisions, so let’s take a step back and congratulate each other because there are a lot of places, we could be that are certainly less desirable! Doug means, our lives might be far from perfect however, on the other hand, Los Angeles currently has 59,000 homeless people – not 59,001, agreed?

Choosing ‘where to retire’ is unequivocally one of the last major decisions adults make, so it is imperative that one studies the effects of zigging or zagging, as the implications on your quality of remaining life lie in the ballast. In fact, we think y’all might be surprised how often we meet people who have zigged when they should have zagged and wound up making an expensive mistake. We all know that moving is one of the world’s worst experience and it’s also very costly too!

Best Team on the Coast

To Doug’s knowledge, there is no real estate company in America that is better educated on the area they serve than the team at Carolina Plantations. However, we know you may be checking out other areas, so be sure to find independent Brokers that can help educate you on the area/s you are looking at. Well informed Zigs or Zags will lead you to a happy retirement and if coastal North Carolina is right for you, Team Carolina Plantations wants to assist you on your first retirement move, not your second or third. We hope that you will be able to find your forever home here on our beautiful coast line!

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