The History of Hushpuppies

Back in 1999, Doug Terhune had the pleasure of visiting Poplar Grove Plantation. Some friends were visiting and together they took a tour of this wonderful historical plantation. During the tour they were told the story behind hushpuppies, which are to be eaten here in the south, not worn!!


Back in the 1800s, homes did not have kitchens in them because there wasn’t a Fire Department anywhere within a million miles! So, to avoid fire in the main house, the homeowners would build separate detached brick homes behind the main home and this is where the cooking was done. (And talk about hot, oh my goodness!!)

When the cooks finished preparing the food, they had to get the vittles to the main house, however, there was a very annoying obstacle on almost every plantation — dogs.

The dogs would disrupt the transportation of meals to and from the cook’s house and so the women/cooks would toss some cornmeal in the deep fryers just before the heavy trays of food were to be carried to the main house.

The women would toss some of the sizzling hot corn meal out on the yard and say “Hush puppies, Hush!” while those carrying the food would escape into the home unscathed.

And as broadcaster and master storyteller Paul Harvey used to say “And now you know the REST of the story!”

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