The Power of a Buyer’s Agent—Carolina Plantations are The Pro’s

So you and your loved one are looking to move to the Carolina’s in a few years, but want to take advantage of the great buying power that exists in today’s market.  Now is the time for sure.  But we would like to suggest in a friendly manner some do’s and don’ts to buying “raw land” or a homesite at one of your favorite Master Planned Communities and Plantations.

As you search and search and search, I am sure that you all will gather a ton of information.  At some point, you will receive an invitations to “Buy Today!”  You may even open the area newspaper and see an ad that says, “$79,900 for Waterfront” on a half-page ad.   We also know your getting endless invitations from the community that you visited 2 years ago, and they never removed you from the mailing list.   You then ask yourself, what to do, what to do….

Carolina Plantations would like for you to STOP!  Slow down just a little and do your homework.  We know many of you do, but we also know many of you do not.  So, with that being said, we would like to make a strong suggestion BEFORE your purchase in a Master Planned Community and Plantation.  Find a BUYERS AGENT before you do any additional exploration.  There are so many reasons why, but here is a list of our favorite:

  • Our agents are some of the most educated in Master Planned Communities.
  • The agent works for you, your interest, and for you only!
  • Does not represent the Developer (yes, we know how much you like their Agent, but they do not represent your best interests).
  • We know the local market, we study it everyday!
  • We can do a fair market analysis for you with the latest MLS technologies.
  • Some of us have worked in these communities, so we know the in’s and out’s.
  • WE WORK FOR YOU! (I know, we already said this, but we must do it again).

A Buyer’s Agent is perfect for you because they are representing you, not the developers or the home seller.  This means that the best opportunity will be determined for your family without any weight for favor of the Developers.  More and more community representatives are understanding that you will have a Buyers Agent, so you are not going to offend them.  The commissions that are paid out are NOT paid by you or affects the price, it is already factored into the cost of the site, so essentially, a Buyer’s Agent works for you for free in essence.

There is no excuse not to have a Buyer’s Agent that will represent you in the process of finding that Ideal homesite for your future home.  Additionally, the Buyer’s Agent will also help you find the best builders in the area as well, so their job will not stop for you after the purchase of your site.

Contact Carolina Plantations and its Team of Buyer’s Agents to help you in your search of the Carolina real estate market.  We also suggest you obtain an Agency Disclosure from your Agent.

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