Why The “Martini Theory”?

The positively simple, yet prophetic Martini Theory was years in the making for what ultimately became Carolina Plantations. Its origins date back to January 2002 when Doug Terhune first entered the real estate profession selling homesites for the Blue Green Corporation in Winding River Plantation – located in Supply and Bolivia, NC (Or as Doug likes to say “Sublivia!).

Doug’s boss, Dan, insisted that Doug use an area map when providing a front-end presentation to clients. This is a cordial first meet and greet in their lobby. Dan was spot on by suggesting the use of the map because orienting people to Coastal NC was imperative to their success.

The map was about getting people comfortable with where they were in relation to what they knew. The maps worked well. Probably not for everyone, but they were a critical piece of the puzzle for people considering this area as a place to retire to.

Two stories really helped cement just how important the area is to one’s search. The first happened at Winding River one day when Doug was having lunch at the golf course. A resident sat next to him and they chatted about WRP and why he and his wife built there. They loved the place, however, when Doug asked him what he wishes were different, he replied “Chinese Food”. Apparently in Maryland where they hailed from there were 3-4 Chinese restaurants that delivered to their home. At WRP, he had to call up a kid at the Chinese restaurant in Southport and coordinate meeting him at the former Worms & Coffee on Hwy 211. They each drove 18 miles roundtrip and his idea of delivery was not 36 miles of driving.

After two stints with developers in the county, Doug wound up as the sales manager for a small real estate firm in Southport. They specialized in St James and Winding River, and one day he attended a listing presentation with one of his Brokers. At the end of the meeting, he leaned forward and asked a couple one question (because they built a nice 3,000 ft home 4 years prior). The question was simply “Why are you moving?”. Their reply was simple but hit home. They said they loved St James but there was not enough going on in Southport to keep them entertained.

Over the years, there has been a lot of commercial industry added to the Southport area. These revelations from many years ago really made Doug take another look at the importance of the area. If you don’t like your area, chances are you will not be happy, regardless of how nice your community and home is, right? And every area is not right for everyone. Researching the area is paramount to a successful retirement.

As for the area, there are many important components that retirees should consider. One of the most important is good, complete medical care – not just a down the street Doc in the Box. Other components include entertainment, dining, shopping, cultural events, airport, places of worship, transportation, movie theaters, beaches, and more.

Once Doug had the sequence down of Area first, then Community and finally, Your Dream Home, it was easy to adapt this theory to a Martini glass!

The Martini Theory has helped thousands and thousands of people set their priorities straight with regards to their search for a place to retire to. Once you begin your search, you will learn that there are lots of great communities everywhere and even more wonderful homes but, finding the area that meets your lifestyle needs is crucial for a successful retirement. And as Doug says, because you probably don’t want to be driving 18 miles for Take out Chinese food or, building your dream home only to realize you made a mistake four years later and have to begin all over again!

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